postgraduate opportunities in archaeology

saving you the trouble because every day counts

PhD programmes: archives 2019

University of Greenwich
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences
MPhil/PhD Scholarship: History Research Group
Closing date: 20 May 2019

Kingston University
PhD studentships
Closing date: 19 May 2019

University of Münster
Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics. Dynamics of Tradition and Innovation“
up to three PhD Positions
connecting to the research field of “transcultural entanglement and disentanglement” (preferentially with a focus on the regions of the Atlantic or Indian Oceans). Disciplines involved include history, political science, sociology, Catholic and Protestant theology, law, Islamic studies and theology, Jewish studies, Egyptology, classical and early Christian archaeology, philosophy, philology, art history, and ethnology.
primary: =
Closing date: 19 May 2019

Università degli Studi di Trento
PhD positions in the Doctoral Programme in “European Cultures. Environment, Contexts, Histories, Arts, Ideas” 35th cycle
Specialized curricula, including Cultural Heritage
Closing date: 16 May 2019

Stockholm University
Department for Culture and Aesthetics
1) PhD student in Art History focusing on Medieval and Early Modern Studies
2) PhD student in Art History focusing on Digital Interfaces, Participatory Practices, Metadata, and Visual Heritage
Closing date: 15 May 2019

ALMA MATER STUDIORUM – Università di Bologna
PhD Programmes
PhD Programme in History and Archaeology. Studies on Heritage, Memory and Cultures – Academic Year 2019/2020
PhD Programme in Cultural and Environmental Heritage – Academic Year 2019/2020
“Alchemy in the Making: From ancient Babylonia via Graeco-Roman Egypt into the Byzantine, Syriac and Arabic traditions (1500 BCE – 1000 AD)”
2 PhD positions
Closing date: 15 May 2019

Paris Seine Graduate School “Humanités, Création et Patrimoine”
Doctorat par le projet
Closing date: 10 May 2019

Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain
PhD Funding 2019
from anyone who has already been accepted by a UK university department
Closing date: 10 May 2019

Università degli Studi di Torino
PhD “Technology Driven Sciences: Technologies for Cultural Heritage (Tech4Culture)”
new doctoral programme in “Heritage Sciences”
Second Call for Applications to the Tech4Culture PhD Programme offers up to 10 fellowships for transnational incoming early stage researchers.
Closing date: 8 May 2019

University of Basel
eikones Graduate School at the Center for the Theory and History of the Image
5 PhD Fellowships
In the fields of history, art history, musicology, philosophy, German literature, architectural history, English, media studies, and Egyptology.
Closing date: 6 May 2019

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Research Training Group 1876 “Early Concepts of Humans and Nature: Universal, Specific, Interchanged”
6 doctoral positions
The Research Training Group is directed by scholars from the fields of Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Pre- and Protohistorical Archaeology (Pleistocene Archaeology), Near Eastern Archaeology, Classical Archaeology, Classics (Greek and Latin), Byzantine Studies and Medieval German Studies.
primary: &
Closing date: 1 May 2019

University College Dublin
The College of Arts and Humanities
PhD Studentships
including “Writing Poetry in the Stars: Intersections of Science and Literature in Anglo-Saxon England”
Closing date: 30 April 2019

cinq contrats doctoraux 2019-2022
cinq Écoles françaises à l’étranger (EFE) : École française d’Athènes, École française de Rome, Institut français d’Archéologie orientale du Caire, École française d’Extrême-Orient, Casa de Velázquez (École des hautes études hispaniques et ibériques)
Closing date: 30 April 2019

University of London
Institute of Historical Research
IHR Doctoral Fellowships
Closing date: 30 April 2019

University of Exeter
College of Humanities
PhD Studentship: “Public Renaissance: Urban Cultures of Public Space in Early Modern Italy” (PhD Studentship – Art History and Visual Culture)
Closing date: 29 April 2019

University of Agder
Faculty of Humanities and Education
Twelve PhD Research Fellows
Closing date: 25 April 2019

University of Bergen
Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion
up to five PhD fellowships
Closing date: 23 April 2019 (i.e. extended from 14 April 2019)

IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca
2019/20 PhD programs
32 Scholarships
two doctoral Programs that integrate scientific competences of economics, engineering, computer science, neuroscience and behavioral psychology, physics, applied mathematics, statistics, history and sciences of cultural heritage.
Closing date: 23 April 2019

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
4 PhD positions at the Institute for Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies
Closing date: 17 April 2019

including Archaeological, Historical and Historical-Artistic Sciences
Closing date: 16 April 2019

Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz & the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz in collaboration with the Humboldt University, Berlin, the Forum Transregional Studies and other partners
“4A Laboratory: Art Histories, Archaeologies, Anthropologies, Aesthetics”
4A LAB Annual theme 2019/2020: Plants
up to two doctoral and six postdoctoral fellowships for the academic year 2019/2020
Closing date: 15 April 2019

Universität Weimar
Faculty VI – Institute of Urban and Regional Planning/ Heritage Conservation/
DFG Research Training Group 2227 “Identity and Heritage”
12 positions – Research Assistant
Topics for dissertation projects include: cultural heritage and the promise of stability; participation and heritage; heritage loss, rejection, destruction of heritage; identity of locations/buildings and reconstruction; economization and tourist-oriented marketing; site management; actors of heritage and legacy; identity politics and their mediums; post-colonial thinking and identity asserrtions; spatial legacies of the Welfare State; studies on identity-based collective narratives of loss.
primary (German):
primary (German & English):
Closing date: 15 April 2019

University of Erfurt
Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies (Max-Weber-Kolleg)
“Resonant Self–World Relations in Ancient and Modern Socio-Religious Practices”
up to 4 doctoral positions for Ph.D. projects
Closing date: 15 April 2019

Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia
35th cycle (2019/2020) of the following PhD Programmes
including 11. Ancient Heritage Studies
Closing date: 10 April 2019

University of Western Australia
PhD Scholarship in Critical Heritage Studies and the Belt and Road Initiative
Closing date: 5 April 2019

University of Exeter
College of Humanities
Classics and Ancient History Leventis Doctoral Studentship
Closing date: 2 April 2019

Foundation for research and Technology Hellas (FORTH)
project ARCHERS: “Advancing Young Researchers’ Human Capital in Cutting Edge Technologies in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and the Tackling of Societal Challenges”
Four (4) “Stavros Niarchos Foundation – FORTH Fellowships” for Ph.D.
research opportunities to young scientists of Greek origin.
Closing date: 1 April 2019

University of Copenhagen
PhD stipends in Statistics, Mathematical Biology, and the mathematics of Insurance and Economics
including Mathematical and statistical analysis of ancient genomic data
Closing date: 1 April 2019

Deutsches Archäologisches Institut
Kommission für Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik (München)
Doktorandenstipendien / Doctoral Scholarships [granted by Elise und Annemarie Jacobi-Stiftung & Gerda Henkel Foundation]
for international PhD students &
Closing date: 1 April 2019 (next closing dates: 1 July 2019, 1 October 2019, 1 January 2020)

Centro de Estudios Europa Hispánica & Center for Spain in America (CSA)
CEEH doctoral funding
Doctoral Scholarship in Spanish Art-Historical Studies: Spanish art of the Golden Age and/or its British/European legacy up to the 19th century, Zurbarán Centre for Spanish and Latin American Art, Durham University
Doctoral Scholarship for the Study of Spanish Art, in memory of Rosemarie Mulcahy (1942–2012): Spanish art 1450–1750, Trinity College, Dublin
Closing date: 31 March 2019

Fondazione Lemmermann
Lemmermann Foundation Fellowship for study in Rome
to master’s students and doctoral candidates in order to support their cost of research in the classical studies and humanities. Topic of research must be related to Rome and the Roman culture of any period, from the Pre-Roman period to the present day time.
Closing date: 31 March 2019

De Montfort University
PhD scholarships
in Computing, Engineering, Media Studies, Film Studies, Arts, Design, Humanities, Health and Life Sciences and Business and Law.
Closing date: 26 March 2019

Jesus College, Cambridge
Jesus College Graduate Applicant Scholarships 2019
Closing date: 26 March 2019

University of Turku
Doctoral Programme of History, Culture and Arts Studies JUNO
Doctoral Candidate
Closing date: 20 March 2019

Canterbury Christ Church University
Faculty PhD Scholarships
Closing date: 18 March 2019

Basel University
Basel Graduate School of History (BGSH)
Starter scholarships
in one of the following areas: Medieval History, Early Modern History, Modern and Contemporary History, Eastern European History, Jewish History, Global History
Closing date: 17 March 2019

Aarhus University
PhD scholarships/fellowships
as well as specific fellowships, including
“Antikken i det 21. årh. – hvordan? Hvordan får antikken relevans og betydning for læring og erkendelse i det museale rum?”
Closing date: 15 March 2019

Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main
Department of Ancient History
Leibniz project “Polyphony of Late Antique Christianity”
2 doctoral positions as Researchers in Late Antique Christianity in the Eastern Mediterranean
in Ancient History, History of Religion, Theology, Oriental Philology, Ancient Judaism, Ancient Christianity, or related fields
Closing date: 13 March 2019

Scuola Normale Superiore
52 positions in PhD courses
Closing date: 28 February 2019

University of Algarve
Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behaviour (ICArEHB)
INPhINIT “la Caixa” Ph.D. program candidates
Closing date: 27 February 2019

Nottingham Trent University
fully funded PhD studentships
Closing date: 25 February 2019

University of Hull
1) Heritage Consortium
Up to Six Fully-funded PhD Studentships in Heritage Studies
2) North of England Consortium for Arts and Humanities
up to 6 PhD studentships
Closing date: 25 February 2019

Centre de Recherche Français à Jérusalem
Aides à la mobilité pour doctorants et post-doctorants
Closing date: 15 February 2019

National University of Ireland, Galway
Hardiman PhD Scholarships
Closing date: 15 February 2019

ETH Zurich
Doctoral Program in History and Theory of Architecture
2 doctoral positions
The program’s focus is on the history and theory of architecture and urbanism in a wider context of cultural history, including the history and theory of art, science and technology.
Closing date: 15 February 2019

GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies / Leibniz-Institut für Globale und Regionale Studien
Prospective Doctoral Students
primary: &
Closing date: 1 February 2018 (or open until filled)

Edinburgh College of Art (ECA)
PhD scholarships
covering Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Art, Design, History of Art, and Music.
Closing date: 1 February 2018

Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC)
up to 8 doctoral scholarships
Closing date: 1 February 2018

Birkbeck, University of London
School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy
Bonnart Trust PhD Scholarship: Addressing Intolerance and Integration
one of the following themes: Diversity and Belonging; Minorities and Social Justice
Closing date: 1 February 2019

The American Center for Oriental Research (ACOR)
Closing date: 1 February 2019 (annual)

Central European University
Master’s and PhD Scholarships in Medieval Studies
Closing date: 31 January 2019

Leiden University
Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL)
project “The Tocharian Trek: A linguistic reconstruction of the migration of the Tocharians from Europe to China”
4 PhD candidates or postdoctoral researchers
Closing date: 31 January 2019

University of London – Senate House Library
Friends of Senate House Library – Senate House Library Visiting Research Fellowship
Closing date: 31 January 2019

European University Institute
Ph.D. Scholarships
in: Economics; History and Civilization; Law; Political and Social Sciences
Closing date: 31 January 2019 (annual)

ARTES: Iberian & Latin American Visual Culture Group
1) Artes Coll & Cortés Travel Scholarships
working on any aspect of Spanish, Portuguese or Latin American visual culture before 1800
2) ARTES Coll & Cortés PhD Scholarships for students at a UK University
on any aspect of Spanish, Portuguese or Latin American visual culture before 1800
3) ARTES Coll & Cortés Scholarships for PhD or post-doc students in Spain, Portugal or Latin America
working on any aspect of Spanish, Portuguese or Latin American visual culture before 1800
Closing date: 31 January 2019 (annual)

London Arts and Humanities Partnership (AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership) [King’s College London, London School of Economics & Political Science, Queen Mary University London, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, Royal College of Art, Royal College of Music, School of Advanced Study or University College London]
Up to 90 studentships
Closing date: 28 January 2019

Open-Oxford-Cambridge Doctoral Training Programme
“The Photological Past: contemporary archaeological photography as visual culture”
AHRC CDA Doctoral Studentship for “Powis Castle: The Clive Collection Re-Examined” [Cambridge]
Closing date: 3, 11 or 25 January 2019

Midlands Graduate School [Aston University, University of Birmingham, University of Leicester, Loughborough University, University of Nottingham, University of Warwick]
Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP)
ESRC PhD Studentships in the Social Sciences
Closing date: 22 January 2019

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Rijksmuseum Fellowship Programme
Closing date: 20 January 2019

South, West & Wales Doctoral Training Partnership (SWW DTP2) [Aberystwyth University, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, Bath Spa University, University of Bristol, Cardiff University, Cranfield University, University of Exeter, University of Reading, University of Southampton, and the University of the West of England]
PhD Studentships
Closing date: 18 January 2019

IAP2-18-181: “Building a new understanding of immigration, diet, and health during the early medieval period: Assessing the maternal and infant health of Anglo-Saxon immigrants”
IAP2-18-160: “Lindisfarne Landscapes: Geoarchaeological Approaches to Human-Environment Relations”
IAP2-18-115: “Ancient insect DNA and synanthropic environments”
IAP2-18-102: “Reconstructing the Plio-Quaternary habitats and climate extremes of prehistoric humans in Aparan, Armenia”
IAP2-18-28: “Geoarchaeology in the Context of Glacio-Isostatic Landscape Readjustment to MIS 2 Deglaciation in Britain”
IAP2-18-101: “Pushing back the frontiers of luminescence dating”
Closing date: 18 January 2019

University of Oregon
Fully-funded PhD fellowships in Art History
Closing date: 15 January 2019

American Research Center in Egypt
open to fields of study including: anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art history, Coptic studies, economics, Egyptology, history, humanistic social sciences, Islamic studies, literature, political science and religious studies.
Closing date: 15 January 2019

technē [Brunel University; University of the Arts London; University of Brighton; Kingston University; Loughborough University London; University of Roehampton; Royal Holloway University of London; University of Surrey; University of Westminster]
57 AHRC Doctoral Studentships
Closing date: 15 January 2019

North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (NWCDTP) [universities of Manchester, Keele, Lancaster, Liverpool and Salford, as well as the Royal Northern College of Music]
AHRC-funded PhD scholarships
Closing date: 14 January 2019

Midlands4Cities Arts and Humanities Doctoral Training Partnership (M4C) [University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, University of Warwick, Coventry University, De Montfort University, University of Leicester, Nottingham Trent University, and The University of Nottingham]
AHRC Studentships for UK/EU Doctoral Researchers in the Arts and Humanities
Closing date: 14 January 2019

University of Surrey
Postgraduate Studentships
Vice Chancellor’s Award Studentship
Doctoral College Studentship Award
Closing date: 11 January 2019

Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South-East England (CHASE) [Birkbeck, University of London; The Courtauld Institute of Art; Goldsmiths, University of London; SOAS University of London; Universities of East Anglia; University of Essex; University of Kent ; University of Sussex]
PhD Studentships: Arts and Humanities Research Council
Closing date: 11 January 2019

Northern Bridge Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership [Durham University, Newcastle University, Northumbria University, Queen’s University Belfast, Sunderland University, Teesside University and Ulster University]
PhD Studentships in the Arts and Humanities
Closing date: 9 January 2019

UCL, Bloomsbury and East London (UBEL) Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP)
ESRC funded PhD Research Studentships
Closing date: 8 January 2019

London School of Economics and Political Science
LSE PhD Studentships for 2019
Closing date: 7 January 2019

Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities
PhD Studentship Scheme 2019/20
Closing date: 7 January 2019

Swansea University
Swansea University Research Excellence Scholarships (SURES)
including Classics, Ancient History and Egyptology
Closing date: 4 January 2019

University of Cambridge
Cambridge Climate Life and Earth (C-CLEAR) NERC DTP
PhD Studentships
BC030 “The ancient past of Africa: reconstructing paleobiomes over the last 800k years”
BC038 “Investigating the past using genomic, environmental and archaeological evidence”
CE019 “Speleothem Palaeoclimatology of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico”
CE028 “Volcanic impacts on the ecosystems of our ancestors”
SE027 “Explosive volcanism in the Kenyan Rift: a tephrostratigraphic perspective”
Closing date: 3 January 2019

University of Notre Dame
Two fully-funded PhD positions in Liturgical Studies
The program offers a wide range of research opportunities with particular strengths in early and late antique Christian ritual and material culture, medieval liturgy, Byzantine Christianity, manuscript studies, modern liturgical theology, and ritual studies.
Closing date: 2 January 2019

Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies (BerGSAS)
Studienplätze (ohne Finanzierung) in allen fünf Promotionsprogrammen
Closing date: 1 January 2019

Deutsches Archäologisches Institut
Kommission für Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik (München)
Doktorandenstipendien / Doctoral Scholarships [granted by Elise und Annemarie Jacobi-Stiftung & Gerda Henkel Foundation]
for international PhD students &
Closing date: 1 January 2019 (next closing dates: 1 April 2019, 1 July 2019, 1 October 2019)

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