postgraduate opportunities in archaeology

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PhD opportunities in archaeology

Closing date not specified (ordered by post date)

[posted 28 August 2022]
ETH Zurich
Chair for Physical Chemistry of Building Materials
PhD opening in preservation of stone-built cultural heritage
Closing date: not specified (posted 18 August 2022)

[posted 11 July 2022]
Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague
Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Institute of Philosophy
PhD Studentship: Organic chemistry
The project is a unique cooperation between chemists, archaeologists, and historians to perform analysis and total synthesis of compounds used in ancient Egyptian and Greek perfumery.
Closing date: not specified (posted 5 July 2022)

[posted 12 March 2022]
University of Zurich
Ape Behaviour & Ecology Group
PhD position on hunter-gatherer tool use & culture
to study hunter-gatherer material culture in Central Africa
Closing date: as soon as possible (posted 18 February 2022)

Closing date (in descending order)

NEXT [re-posted 2 October 2022]
PaleoWest Foundation
PaleoWest Foundation Graduate Scholarship
Closing date (annual): 1 October 2023?

NEXT [re-posted 31 October 2022]
Ulrike Wulf-Rheidt Stiftungsfonds der Gesellschaft der Freunde des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts – Theodor Wiegand Gesellschaft – e.V.
aus dem Bereich der historischen Bauforschung. Gefördert wird der Abschluss von Arbeiten, deren empirischer Kern mit den Methoden der archäologischen Bauforschung (Bauaufnahme, detaillierte Bauuntersuchung) erarbeitet wurde.
Closing date: 30 April 2023 (next closing date: 30 October 2023)

[posted 23 November 2022]
University of Stavanger
Museum of Archaeology, Department of Collections
PhD in engravings and visual expressions in the stone age
The Museum of Archaeology at UiS houses a unique collection of modified and ornated bone and stone artefacts dated to the Mesolithic and Neolithic period (c. 8000-2000 BC). The main objective of this PhD-project is to conduct a study of these portable art(efacts) and their surface modifications, with the intention of gaining more knowledge about their acquisition, curation, use, deposition and archaeological context.
Closing date: 22 January 2023

[posted 9 November 2022]
University of Reading
“SCENARIO: Climate variability and societal responses in Pre-Columbian South America”
Closing date: 20 January 2023

[posted 9 November 2022]
University of East Anglia
PhD Studentship: “Coastal Evolution Under Climate Change: Historical and Geophysical Investigation into the Norfolk Coast, UK”
Closing date: 18 January 2023

[posted 24 September 2022]
American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Malcolm H. Wiener Laboratory for Archaeological Science
funding for scholars pursuing interdisciplinary research on archaeological questions pertaining to the ancient Greek world and adjacent areas. Three different types of Fellowship funding are offered, Programmatic Post-Doctoral (3 year), Post-Doctoral (3 year), Pre-Doctoral (2 year term), as well as shorter duration, more focused Research Associate positions.;51d728f4.2209
Closing date: 15 January 2023

[posted 2 November 2022]
University of Sheffield
“Environmental histories of grazing and the sustainability of montane ecosystems: a case study in Snowdonia, North Wales”
Correlate the palaeoenvironmental history with landscape and archival evidence for land use regimes (archaeological surveys and estate documents)
Closing date: 13 January 2023

[posted 26 October 2022]
University of York
Department of Archaeology
ACCE Archaeology project “Using Ancient DNA to explore the effects of land use change on small mammals”
This PhD project will expand the potential of palaeogenomic methodologies to small mammals, specifically examining how water vole (Arvicola amphibius) and brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) populations responded to climate- and human-driven changes in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems through time.
[posted 2 November 2022]
“Balance and mass distribution of the head in bipeds”
This project would be ideal for a student with a background in anatomy, engineering, palaeoanthropology, palaeontology, or zoology. This project will use CT data to quantify and map the mass distribution in the head of bipedal and quadrupedal primates, rodents and marsupials. An additional aim of the project is to reconstruct the mass distribution of the head in fossil hominins using fossil hominin crania to address the evolution of bipedalism in humans.
Closing date: 13 January 2023

NEW [posted 29 November 2022]
Open University
AHRC Studentship for Doctoral Researchers in the Arts and Humanities: “Lives of Medieval Books in the National Trust Libraries”
The project will adopt an object biography approach, established within material culture studies.
primary: &
Closing date: 11 January 2023

[posted 26 October 2022]
University of Leicester
“Developing deep-time perspectives on fish behaviour to improve conservation: historical ecology of sheepshead in the Gulf of Mexico”
Exploit the outstanding archaeological fish fossil record to characterize behavioural patterns over the past 2500 years for key fish species in the Gulf of Mexico
“Image analysis and mass petrography”
Work with a ground-breaking new instrument to modernise traditional petrographic techniques in geology and archaeology
Closing date: 11 January 2023

NEW [posted 3 December 2022]
University of York
“The archaeology of the Woodsmith Mine corridor. Exploring ways of integrating curatorial and community archaeology in the North York Moors National Park”
This PhD proposal seeks to improve and further develop the understanding of the archaeological record for a substantial area of the northern and eastern North York Moors; improving capacity for conserving and promoting understanding of the historic environment in the area.
Closing date: 6 January 2023

[posted 23 November 2022]
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Predoctoral Researcher
The research goals include: 1) establishing the best strategy for phytoliths identification; 2) train and test deep learning algorithms; 3) identify neotropical phytoliths on samples extracted from archaeological sites and paleosol.
Closing date: 6 January 2023

[posted 9 November 2022]
University of Edinburgh
“Impacts of volcanically induced climate change on medieval Icelandic farm abandonment”
[posted 16 November 2022]
“Neolithic lake sites, fossil insects and the spread of agriculture”
The project investigates the spread of farming, climate and environmental change in northern Greece and the Balkans during the Neolithic, based on fossil insects.
Closing date: 5 January 2023

[posted 2 November 2022]
University of Leeds
“Integrated approaches towards understanding the past, current and future ecosystem services and disservices of peatlands in the UK”
The project offers a unique opportunity to develop interdisciplinary skills encompassing digital and peatland archaeology, remote sensing, numerical modelling, statistical analysis and data interpretation. The student will use past records to understand both how people used peatlands in the past (ecosystem services, including cultural value) and identify the location of past peatlands using palaeoecological, archaeological and historical records such as maps and paintings.
Closing date: 4 January 2023

[posted 2 June 2022]
Laboratoire SATIE UMR 8029
Thus, the objective of this thesis is to develop approaches taking into account binary terms (or even more) to model the interactions between the fragments and to assess the relevance of their placement side by side.
Closing date: 31 December 2022?

[posted 8 November 2022]
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Predoctoral Researcher
in Geography, Geology, Archaeology or Natural Sciences; to carry out fieldwork in the Bolivian Amazon
Closing date: 23 December 2022

NEW [posted 28 November 2022]
Freie Universität Berlin
Institut für Vorderasiatische Archäologie
Wiss. Mitarbeiter*in (Praedoc)
im Fach Vorderasiatische Archäologie oder einem benachbarten archäologisch-altertumswissenschaftlichen Fach mit erkennbarer Schwerpunktsetzung in der Region Vorderasien
Closing date: 19 December 2022

[posted 22 November 2022]
Leiden University
‘Playful Time Machines: Experiencing the Past through Video Games’ project
PhD Position
in a discipline focused on the study of the human past (incl. but not limited to Heritage Studies, Archaeology, History, Classics, or Memory Studies) and a demonstrable insight in and passion for working with and studying video games. The PhD subprojects deal with the Mechanics and Dynamics of past-play. PhD project M: Mechanics .
PhD Position
in a discipline focused on the study of the human past (incl. but not limited to Heritage Studies, Archaeology, History, Classics, or Memory Studies) and a demonstrable insight in and passion for working with and studying video games. The PhD subprojects deal with the Mechanics and Dynamics of past-play. PhD project D: Dynamics.
Closing date: 19 December 2022

NEW [posted 29 November 2022]
University of Vienna
Evolutionary Anthropology
University Assistant (Prae Doc)
in the field of Archaeological Science and Radiocarbon Dating, focusing specifically on the period of the Late Middle to early Upper Palaeolithic of Eurasia and its Chronology and Archaeology.
Closing date: 18 December 2022

[posted 9 November 2022]
University of Glasgow
“Recostructing biographical and paleoenvironmental data from human dental calculus in late Pleistocene and early holocene populations”
This PhD will focus on the analysis of dental calculus samples from prehistoric human populations in Eurasia.
“The archaeology and ecology of nutritional and medicinal plants from pre-agrarian contexts: Distribution, functional traits and biochemical properties”
The focus of this project is to investigate the use of plants in recent and ancient non-agricultural communities and explore how plant biochemical spectra and functional traits might have affected the capacity of early human groups to obtain nutritious food and plant-based medications across diverse ecozones.
Closing date: 16 December 2022

NEW [posted 29 November 2022]
University of Porto
in the field of Archaeobotany; carpological studies in archaeological contexts, particularly in western Iberian contexts and, as such, with knowledge on the morphology of fruits and seeds in this region
Closing date: 14 December 2022

[posted 8 November 2022]
Mértola Biological Station Association (EBM)
PhD studentship grant in Biological Sciences or Archaeology
aiming to characterize the landscape and understand management practices regarding wood resources in Medieval times in southern Iberia
Closing date: 14 December 2022

[posted 16 November 2022]
University of Exeter
“The Archaeology, History & Heritage of Sherborne Abbey” PhD Studentship
This project establishes a new understanding of the building history and heritage of Sherborne Abbey during and after the medieval period.
Closing date: 12 December 2022

[posted 1 October 2022]
Dienje Kenyon Memorial Fellowship
to support a woman archaeologist in the early stages of graduate zooarchaeology training, Kenyon’s specialty. Two awards of $2,000 will be made. Strong preference will be given to applicants in the early stage of research project development and/or data collection, under the mentorship of a zooarchaeologist.;5400d254.2209
Closing date: 11 December 2022

[posted 26 November 2022]
Universität Heidelberg
Seminar für Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik
Akademische∗r Mitarbeiter∗in
im Fach Alte Geschichte$.startup?MODUL=LS&M1=1&M2=0&M3=0&PRO=32356
Closing date: 9 December 2022

[posted 26 October 2022]
Queen’s University Belfast
QUADRAT DTP: “Human-Animal-Environmental Interactions at Late Medieval Religious Foundations in Ulster”
Closing date: 9 December 2022

[posted 19 October 2022]
Aberdeen University
“Pastoral Peripheries: Human-animal relationships and pastoral economies on the agricultural fringe of Late Iron Age/Early Medieval Northern Europe”
“Catastrophe or Opportunity? Investigation of the impact of Climatic events and changes on First Millennium AD Britain and Ireland”
“Analysing past biodiversity in North-eastern Scotland using DNA metabarcoding and metagenomics”
The main aim of this project is to explore past biodiversity in North-eastern Scotland using metabarcode (e.g., 12S) and metagenomic sequencing of ancient DNA extracted from lake sediments and peat bogs, with special emphasis on the period spanning the 5th to 11th centuries AD (also known as the ‘Dark Ages’).
“Sustainable management of fresh groundwater resources in coastal East Africa – Using lessons from the past to build future resilience to climate and environmental change”
[posted 9 November 2022]
“Unearthing the secrets of hill-fort vitrification in early European history”
Closing date: 9 December 2022

[posted 27 November 2022]
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Institut für Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft und Judaistik
Projekt “Early Christianity in Greece” & Datenbank „Inscriptiones Christianae Graecae“
wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in mit Zielrichtung Promotion
Dissertation im Bereich der frühchristlichen Anthropologie &
Closing date: 6 December 2022

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