postgraduate opportunities in archaeology

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PhD opportunities in archaeology

Closing date not specified (ordered by post date)

[posted 13 November 2021]
Technische Universität München
Extraordinariat für Geomorphologie und Bodenkunde
project DORACLE – “Development of River-, Agricultural-, and City Landscapes on the European Lifeline Danube at Straubing/Sorviodurum”
Scientific Assistant or PhD student
responsible for geoarchaeological investigations
Closing date: not specified (posted 10 November 2021)

[posted 22 October 2021]
ETH Zurich
Chair of Building Archaeology and Construction History
PhD positions
research project on medieval stone arch bridges.
Closing date: not specified (posted 21 October 2021)

Closing date (in descending order)

NEXT [re-posted 2 October 2021]
PaleoWest Foundation
PaleoWest Foundation Graduate Scholarship
Closing date (annual): 1 October 2022?

[posted 25 December 2021]
University of Melbourne
“Geological and Geochemical controls on the production and preservation of Murujuga rock art, W.A., Australia”
Closing date: 30 June 2022

NEXT [re-posted 31 October 2021]
Ulrike Wulf-Rheidt Stiftungsfonds der Gesellschaft der Freunde des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts – Theodor Wiegand Gesellschaft – e.V.
aus dem Bereich der historischen Bauforschung. Gefördert wird der Abschluss von Arbeiten, deren empirischer Kern mit den Methoden der archäologischen Bauforschung (Bauaufnahme, detaillierte Bauuntersuchung) erarbeitet wurde.
Closing date: 30 April 2022 (next closing date: 30 October 2022)

[posted 3 November 2021]
Cyprus Institute (CyI)
project “Training the next generation of archaeological scientists: Interdisciplinary studies of pre-modern Plasters and Ceramics from the eastern Mediterranean” (PlaCe-ITN)
short-term Early-Stage Research fellowships
designed for Researchers that are already doctoral students at other institutions and seek to receive training and develop their analytical skills in the interdisciplinary study of archaeological plasters and ceramics
Closing date: 26 April 2022

[posted 13 October 2021]
OIKOS Anchoring Innovation
Ten PhD opportunities
1. Anchoring Coins: Reframing the Coin Introduction of Ptolemaic Dynasty [Leiden University]
2. Anchoring Early Christian Identity [Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam]
3. Anchoring Empire and the World of Ancient Judaism [University of Groningen]
4. Anchoring Empire in the Greek World [University of Groningen]
5. Anchoring Global Diversity: Mediterranean Material Culture in Central Asia [Leiden University; deadline: 6 November 2021]
6. Ancient Anchors and New Media: Valuing Antiquity in 20th- and 21st-Century Culture [Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen]
7. (also PD) Egyptian Priests and the Anchoring of Greek Kings: Reframing Greek Honour in Ptolemaic Egypt [Leiden University]
8. Hellenism in the Roman Late Republic and the Augustan Period – Project 1: Anchoring through Translation in Literary and Material Culture [Leiden University]
9. Hellenism in the Roman Late Republic and the Augustan Period – Project 2: Anchoring through Translation in Literary and Material Culture [Leiden University]
10. Innovation, Progress and the Role of Nature [Leiden University]
Closing date: 23 April 2022

[posted 8 January 2022]
University of Oslo
research group MATERIALITIES
Doctoral Research Fellowship (SKO 1017) in archaeology
within the scopes of Nordic Prehistory, Mediterranean Archaeology (Iron Age to Roman Republic), Africanist archaeology, or Contemporary Archaeology and Heritage Studies.
Closing date: 28 February 2022

[posted 18 December 2021]
University of Stavanger
Museum of Archaeology
Department of Archaeological Excavations and Natural Sciences
PhD Fellowship in Archaeobotany or Palaeoecology
The successful project will preferentially include material from Museum of Archaeology’s collections, which include pollen and plant macrofossils from both archaeological contexts and natural archives such as sediment cores from bogs and lakes. This material can either be the main focus of the study or can be compared with material from other regions in Norway or further afield. It will also be possible to collect and analyse supplementary material.
Closing date: 28 February 2022

NEW [posted 21 January 2022]
University of Tübingen
Institute of Archaeological Sciences
Paleoanthropology Workgroup
project “REVIVE : Tracing Hominin Occupations of and Migrations through the Levant: Reviving Paleolithic Research in Lebanon”
four PhD Students Positions
in the specific field they are applying to (paleoanthropology, zooarchaeology, lithics analysis, geoarchaeology).
Closing date: 21 February 2022

[posted 18 December 2021]
Nottingham Trent University
“Airborne and long-range ground-based imaging and sensing for archaeology and architectural preservation”
“Salt and Heritage: prediction and remediation of salt-induced damage to cultural heritage”
“Industrial Heritage in Contemporary South Africa: Negotiating the Legacies of Mining and their Preservation”
Closing date: 18 February 2022

[posted 14 January 2022]
Université de Namur
« DEMOSION » project
Doctoral Fellowship in Classical Antiquity
to improve our understanding of interactions between public and private spheres in Ancient Greece by studying the allocation of responsibilities between public authorities and private actors in the manufacture of weights and coins. The aim of the doctoral thesis is specifically to retrace the coins and weights’ life-cycle, from their manufacture to the recycling of their metal.
Closing date: 15 February 2022

[posted 19 December 2021]
Newcastle University
Collaborative Doctoral Award (AHRC Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership): “Museum Exhibitions In Flight: Displaying and Conserving Aircraft as Suspended Objects”
Closing date: 14 February 2022

NEW [posted 22 January 2022]
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (DAI)
Abteilung Kairo
wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft (m/w/d)
im Fach Ägyptologie; im Bereich der wissenschaftlich-inhaltlichen Redaktionsarbeit.
Closing date: 11 February 2022

[posted 4 January 2022]
British Archaeological Association
Ochs Scholarship
within the Association’s fields of interest. These are defined as the study of archaeology, art and architecture from the Roman period until the nineteenth century, principally within Europe, though the core interests of the BAA are Roman to 16th century. We only entertain applications that cover the 17th to 20th centuries that are of an historiographical, conservationist or antiquarian nature.
Closing date: 1 February 2022

[posted 18 January 2022]
University of Basel
project ‘The Roman Egypt Laboratory: Climate Change, Societal Transformations, and the Transition to Late Antiquity’
PhD student position in Ancient History/Documentary Papyrology
Closing date: 31 January 2022

[posted 7 January 2022]
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte
Material Minds (Akronym XSCAPE)
3. Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in zur Promotion (PhD); Stelle: XSCAPE Keramikstudien
Profil: Archäologie & [English]
Closing date: 31 January 2022

[posted 10 December 2021]
Newcastle University
PhD studentship – Collaborative Doctoral Award (AHRC Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership): “Bones of the Northumbrian landscape: a new zooarchaeology of early medieval Jarrow”
Closing date: 31 January 2022

EXTENDED [posted 25 November 2021; re-posted 25 December 2021]
Université de Bordeaux / University of Bordeaux
GPR (Grand Programme de Recherche) ‘Human Past’
PhD Fellowship in Archaeoentomology
The PhD candidate will investigate insect remains to reconstruct local paleoenvironments and characterize the impact of human activities on the dynamics of terrestrial biodiversity. =
[posted 28 November 2021]
PhD Fellowship in Biological Anthropology
WP: “Interpreting hominid and hominin biological diversity” and “Environmental and socio-cultural factors affecting genetic and phenotypic variation“, respectively. =
Closing date: 30 January 2022 (or open until filled, originally 24 December 2021)

[posted 14 January 2022]
Universitat de Barcelona
project LArcHER “Breaking barriers between Science and Heritage approaches to Levantine Rock Art through Archaeology, Heritage Science and IT”
Predoctoral research in Prehistoric Rock art
Closing date: 28 January 2022

[posted 7 January 2022]
University of Reading
Geography and Environmental Science/SAGES
“Re-Life: Recreating Past Human and Animal Life Histories Using Parasites”
part of a larger Wellcome Trust funded research team on ‘Do No Feed the Animals’. The project will research new analytical methodologies for investigating parasites from museum and archaeological collections to understand diet and life history signals from the past.
Closing date: 28 January 2022

[posted 5 January 2022]
Bath Spa University / University of Exeter / PK Porthcurno Museum of Global Communications
“Sustaining the Nervous System of the World: An Environmental History of Submarine Cable Telegraphy, Circa 1880-1940”;9a3c1ff7.2201
Closing date: 24 January 2022

[posted 18 December 2021]
Cranfield University
“HMS Victory and the Mary Rose: Comparative Conservation Strategies for the Preservation of Neighbouring Historic Warships” =
Closing date: 24 January 2022 (or 21 February 2022?)

[posted 1 December 2021]
Institute for Molecular Biology gGmbH
DFG Research Training Group 2526 “GenEvo”
PhD position (Gene Regulation & Evolution): “Investigating the recent evolution of human life history” (f/m/d)
Closing date: 20 January 2022

EXTENDED [posted 4 December 2021; re-posted 15 December 2021]
Dundalk Institute of Technology
“The evidence of non- funerary monuments in Ireland. Commemoration as a political, economic and socio-cultural barometer in the 17th century”
This project aims to examine the origins of, and rationale for, non-funerary monuments in Ireland from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, taking account of the political, economic, religious and social contexts of production.
Closing date: 17 January 2022 (i.e. extended from 14 December 2021)

[posted 1 December 2021]
University of Tübingen
Archaeo and Palaeoproteomics Junior Research Group
Two PhD Positions in Palaeoproteomics and Archaeological Science
PhD Position 1 The first PhD candidate will focus on the Mousterian aged bone assemblages of the UNESCO world heritage cave sites in the Swabian Jura
PhD Position 2 The second PhD candidate will focus on the Aurignacian aged bone assemblages of the UNESCO world heritage cave sites in the Swabian Jura
Closing date: 16 January 2022

[posted 30 October 2021]
University of Liverpool
“Hindcasting faunal distributions in the Holocene to understand interactions between ancient societies, biodiversity and climate”
Focusing on an area within the wider North African/Middle Eastern region, you will combine data from the archaeological and paleontological records with ecological models to investigate drivers of animal population trends and subsistence change in prehistoric/ancient societies, with the option also to explore links to historical events.
Closing date: 14 January 2022

[posted 23 October 2021]
University of York
BioArCh research facility
“Developing rapid and low-cost mass spectrometry-based identification of biological sex in fossils”
Preserving in enamel, the protein amelogenin in humans occurs as an x- or y-isoform (from genes located on the x and y chromosome), enabling the identification of biological sex in fossil teeth, and therefore has vast potential for examining sex-based population patterns. =
Closing date: 14 January 2022

[posted 23 October 2021]
University of Leicester
Collaborative Doctoral research project with the British Museum “Reconstructing Regional Identities in Britain 1st BCE-4th CE through Metal Artefacts: The case of the Cornovii”
Closing date: 12 January 2022

[posted 18 October 2021]
University of Plymouth
Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
“African Humid Period floods on the Sahara Desert margins”
geomorphological records with significant but unrealised large spatial and long temporal potential to inform on climate change sensitive drylands; areas of early human occupation (archaeology) and modern population pressures (flood hazard).
Closing date: 12 January 2022

[posted 22 December 2021]
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (DAI)
Kommission für Archäologie Außereuropäischer Kulturen (KAAK) Bonn
wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft (m/w/d)
im Bereich der Re[d]aktion; im Bereich der Altertumswissenschaften bzw. einer verwandten Nachbardisziplin
Closing date: 11 January 2022

[posted 3 November 2021]
Open University
“Imagining Asia at Ham House”
“Welshness in the museum: Representing the past in Wales’ National Museums, c.1900-1975”
Closing date: 11 January 2022

[posted 21 December 2021]
Khaybar archaeological survey and excavation project
PhD in prehistoric archaeology
The PhD project focuses on the study of the lithic industries of Neolithic hunters who used giant traps, called “desert kites”.
Closing date: 10 January 2022

[posted 16 October 2021]
University of Exeter
“Assessing bio-cultural impacts on British biodiversity, AD 0 -1000”
Undertaking zooarchaeological and stable isotope analysis
[posted 25 November 2021]
project ‘SEACHANGE: Quantifying the impact of major cultural transitions on marine ecosystem functioning and biodiversity’
PhD Studentship: “Marine Ecosystem Change Across Major Human Transitions – Chicken Or Egg? Using Models To Attribute Past Ecosystem Responses To Human And Natural Drivers”
Within the wider SEACHANGE project, exciting new archaeological, paleoenvironmental and ecosystem data will be collected, and we want to work with you to develop and test hypotheses to explain the transitions that these data reveal.
[posted 21 December 2021]
PhD Studentship: “Life, Love and Death in a Changing World: Human Life-history Evolution in Action?”
This project applies analytical tools from evolutionary biology, statistics, and quantitative genetics to a unique genealogical dataset from central Europe, spanning four centuries and detailing the lives of tens of thousands of people.
Closing date: 10 January 2022

[posted 5 December 2021]
Ghent University
project CUNE-IIIF-ORM: “Towards an Internationally Interoperable Corpus of Cuneiform Tablets”
PhD candidate position
in the field of Assyriology at the Research Unit Assyriology
Closing date: 9 January 2022

[posted 27 November 2021]
University of Leicester
“Novel approaches in petrography: Big data and automated intelligence”
Work with a ground-breaking new instrument to modernise traditional petrographic techniques in geology and archaeology
Closing date: 7 January 2022

[posted 13 November 2021]
University of Edinburgh
“Medieval Icelandic farm abandonment, climate models and volcanic-induced climate change”
Closing date: 6 January 2022

[posted 3 November 2021]
University of Cambridge
AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award (CDA) PhD studentship for “Writing technologies in transition: legal and literary material practices in late medieval England”
Closing date: 6 January 2022

[posted 6 November 2021]
University of Leeds
“Novel landscape-response models to plan for rising sea levels: using submerged environmental records to inform coastal decision making”
Reconstructing and dating the timing of palaeoenvironmental change in the southern North Sea using cores from offshore of Norfolk, the Thames and the Dogger Bank.
[posted 27 November 2021]
“Climate, water and society in arid regions: from ancient civilizations to the Anthropocene”
Assess existing climate model simulations in relation to hydrological and societal changes over the last 6000 years in the arid regions of North Africa, the Middle East and central Asia. etc.
Closing date: 5 January 2022

[posted 29 November 2021]
University of Cambridge
project “MOBILE: Movement networks and genetic evolution among tropical hunter-gatherers of island Southeast Asia”
MOBILE (Anthropological genetics and microbiome analysis) PhD Studentship
genetic and movement network analysis to investigate the impact of mobility on human genetic diversity, and of contact on microbiome diversity.
Closing date: 4 January 2022

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Open after start of review (in descending order)

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