postgraduate opportunities in archaeology

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PhD opportunities in archaeology

Closing date not specified (ordered by post date)

Closing date (in descending order)

NEXT [re-posted 2 October 2021]
PaleoWest Foundation
PaleoWest Foundation Graduate Scholarship
Closing date (annual): 1 October 2022?

NEW [posted 13 October 2021]
OIKOS Anchoring Innovation
Ten PhD opportunities
1. Anchoring Coins: Reframing the Coin Introduction of Ptolemaic Dynasty [Leiden University]
2. Anchoring Early Christian Identity [Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam]
3. Anchoring Empire and the World of Ancient Judaism [University of Groningen]
4. Anchoring Empire in the Greek World [University of Groningen]
5. Anchoring Global Diversity: Mediterranean Material Culture in Central Asia [Leiden University; deadline: 6 November 2021]
6. Ancient Anchors and New Media: Valuing Antiquity in 20th- and 21st-Century Culture [Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen]
7. (also PD) Egyptian Priests and the Anchoring of Greek Kings: Reframing Greek Honour in Ptolemaic Egypt [Leiden University]
8. Hellenism in the Roman Late Republic and the Augustan Period – Project 1: Anchoring through Translation in Literary and Material Culture [Leiden University]
9. Hellenism in the Roman Late Republic and the Augustan Period – Project 2: Anchoring through Translation in Literary and Material Culture [Leiden University]
10. Innovation, Progress and the Role of Nature [Leiden University]
Closing date: 23 April 2022

[posted 8 September 2021]
Texas A&M University
Ph.D. student
in bioarcheology or biological anthropology; This NSF funded project is aimed to use a comparative method to reconstruct the health and mortality profile of a prehistoric settlement and to determine the cause of the destruction of this settlement, likely a deadly infectious disease. =
Closing date: 15 December 2021

NEW [posted 13 October 2021]
Aberdeen University
“The Historical Ecology of Lowland Hillscapes: assessing the impact of post-Medieval settlement colonisation on relationships between humans, animals, and plants”
primary: &
Closing date: 1 December 2021

[posted 9 October 2021]
Queen’s University Belfast
“Bronze Age upland settlement dynamics in Ireland and northern Britain: environmental vs. non-environmental drivers”
Closing date: 1 December 2021

NEW [posted 13 October 2021]
Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB)
“Wand- und Bodeninkrustationen aus den römischen Villen im Rhein- und Moselgebiet. Untersuchungen zur Provenienz der Natursteine und ihrer Verwendung”
Promotionsstelle Archäologische Wissenschaften
Closing date: 15 November 2021

[posted 4 September 2021]
Trinity College Dublin
Smurfit Institute of Genetics
“Untangling the evolutionary interplay between infectious disease and dietary deficiency with ancient genomes”
The chosen candidate will contribute to the construction of a dense time-series dataset of ancient Irish genomes and with this map temporal changes in allele frequencies and patterns of linkage disequilibrium on the island to a high degree of resolution.
Closing date: 8 November 2021

READVERTISED? [posted 9 October 2021]
University of Oslo
Museum of Cultural History
project ‘Virtual Reconstruction, Interpretation and Preservation of the Textile Artefacts from the Oseberg Find’ (TexRec)
PhD Fellowship in Nordic Archaeology
with a focus on the textile crafts of the Viking Age.
primary: =
Closing date: 7 November 2021 (originally 20 September 2021?)

NEW [posted 13 October 2021]
OIKOS Anchoring Innovation
Ten PhD opportunities [see deadline 23 April 2022]
5. Anchoring Global Diversity: Mediterranean Material Culture in Central Asia [Leiden University]
Closing date: 6 November 2021

[posted 2 September 2021]
University of Copenhagen
“From correlations to explanations: towards a new European prehistory” (COREX)
PhD fellowship in statistical and population genomics
Closing date: 5 November 2021

NEW [posted 13 October 2021]
Museum Southeast Denmark & University of Copenhagen
project “The Timeline: Applied Archaeology in Køge Nord” (Tidslinjen. Anvendt Arkæologi i Køge Nord)
PhD scholarship
with the aim of developing the area of Applied Archaeology in Denmark &;57c522f5.2110
Closing date: 1 November 2021

[posted 24 September 2021]
University of Nottingham
Project ‘Divine Saving in Greek and Chinese Polytheism’
Leverhulme PhD Scholarship in Ancient Greek Religion
This PhD project will undertake a specialised study, within the broader field of Greek polytheism, of a particular instance of the neglected phenomenon of ‘special relationships’ between pairs of gods: that of Zeus and Athena
Closing date: 1 November 2021

READVERTISED [re-posted 22 September 2021]
University of Exeter
project SEACHANGE (Quantifying the impact of major cultural transitions on marine ecosystem functioning and biodiversity)
PhD-funded Studentship in Biosciences: Using Marine Historical Ecology Approaches To Understand Past Ecosystem Responses Across Major Cultural Transitions
responsible for reconstructing past marine functioning and biodiversity in key sites across the coasts of the UK and wider regions, using a wide variety of historical documentary and material sources.
Closing date: 1 November 2021 (originally 21 July 2021)

[posted 18 August 2021]
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)
project “Forgotten colours – Rediscovering the original polychromy of early medieval wall paintings in the Raetia Curiensis region”
PhD-position (w/m) on Georesources and cultural heritage / Archaeometry
Closing date: 31 October 2021

NEXT [re-posted 1 May 2021]
Ulrike Wulf-Rheidt Stiftungsfonds der Gesellschaft der Freunde des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts – Theodor Wiegand Gesellschaft – e.V.
aus dem Bereich der historischen Bauforschung. Gefördert wird der Abschluss von Arbeiten, deren empirischer Kern mit den Methoden der archäologischen Bauforschung (Bauaufnahme, detaillierte Bauuntersuchung) erarbeitet wurde.
Closing date: 30 October 2021 (next closing date: 30 April 2022)

READVERTISED? [posted 18 September 2021]
Nottingham Trent University, British Museum & Victoria and Albert Museum
“A study of enamels: conservation and history of global transfer of technology” =
Closing date: 27 October 2021 (originally 21 June 2021?)

EXTENDED [posted 19 September 2021; re-posted 16 October 2021]
Lunds universitet
Doctoral student in Computational Biology
The project aims to develop machine learning tools to date aDNA and predict the geographical origin of the DNA material. The methods will be used to reconstruct the origin of domestic horses and their contribution to the success of Scandinavian Vikings.
Closing date: 22 October 2021 (i.e. extended from 15 October 2021)

[posted 2 October 2021]
project “TransOxus – Resilience of Protohistoric Societies: Adaptation Strategies and cultural Transformation during the 2nd Millennium BCE in southern Central Asia”
“Adaptation trajectories in the semi-arid piedmont: geohistory of irrigation in Surkhan Darya province (Uzbekistan)”
PhD in Geoarchaeology
Closing date: 22 October 2021

[posted 29 September 2021]
Institute of Archaeology
PhD Studentship: “Evaluating the Cultural Cost of Development in the New South Africa”
The proposed PhD research aims to take a historical and anthropological approach to understanding how South African heritage institutions have attempted to decolonise their treatment of human remains, especially those accessioned after being disturbed by development projects.
primary: &
Closing date: 22 October 2021

[posted 30 September 2021]
Ph.D. Project: ArchéoImmersion – Collaborative Virtual and Augmented Reality System for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
Closing date: 20 October 2021

[posted 30 August 2021]
University of Stavanger
Museum of Archaeology
The Department of Cultural Heritage
project «Viking beacons – Militarism in northern Europe»
PhD Fellowship in Historical Archaeology/Early Medieval history/Norse studies
who will work with military communication systems at local and regional level within the period 500-1600 AD in selected areas, preferably in northwest Norway and the Trøndelag region
Closing date: 20 October 2021

READVERTISED & EXTENDED [posted 6 August 2021; re-posted 13 October 2021]
Bournemouth University (BU) & Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA)
PhD Studentship – “Telling Different Stories: innovative approaches to the publication, interpretation & archiving of linear infrastructural projects”
Closing date: 18 October 2021 (i.e. extended from 12 October 2021, originally 21 June 2021)

[posted 4 October 2021]
Universidade de Aveiro
project Odyssey – Platform for Automated Sensing in Archaeology
The applicant will be responsible for the study and implementation of a Geographic Information System (GIS) that will consume the geographic, cartographic and heritage data
Closing date: 18 October 2021

[posted 30 September 2021]
Freie Universität Berlin
Fachbereich Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften – Altertumswissenschaften
research project “ZODIAC – Ancient Astral Science in Transformation”
Research assistant (Praedoc)
in Digital Humanities or Informatics and/ or Ancient World Studies
Closing date: 18 October 2021

[posted 2 September 2021]
Universität Bonn
Institut für Archäologie und Kulturanthropologie
“Legionslagern am Niederrhein”
3 Doktorand*innen
in Vor- und Frühgeschichtlicher Archäologie oder Provinzial-römischer Archäologie &
Closing date: 18 October 2021

[posted 16 September 2021]
Institute for anthropological research (Zagreb)
project »Prehistoric hunter-gatherers in Istria and adjacent regions: patterns of late Pleistocene lifestyle and mobility (PREHISTRIA)
assistant (doctoral student) in the field of humanities, area of archaeology
in Prehistoric archaeology
Closing date: 16 October 2021

Archives: [2020-2021] [2011-2012]


Open after start of review (in descending order)

[posted 7 July 2021]
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History
Archaeolinguistic Research Group
PhD Position in Transeurasian Historical Comparative Linguistics
Closing date: open until filled (review of applications will begin 1 August 2021)

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