postgraduate opportunities in archaeology

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PhD opportunities in archaeology

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NEXT [re-posted 1 May 2021]
Ulrike Wulf-Rheidt Stiftungsfonds der Gesellschaft der Freunde des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts – Theodor Wiegand Gesellschaft – e.V.
aus dem Bereich der historischen Bauforschung. Gefördert wird der Abschluss von Arbeiten, deren empirischer Kern mit den Methoden der archäologischen Bauforschung (Bauaufnahme, detaillierte Bauuntersuchung) erarbeitet wurde.
Closing date: 30 October 2021 (next closing date: 30 April 2022)

NEXT? [re-posted 2 October 2020]
PaleoWest Foundation
PaleoWest Foundation Graduate Scholarship
Closing date (annual?): 1 October 2021?

[posted 19 June 2021]
University of Antwerp
doctoral candidate
in the interdisciplinary field of Conservation-Restoration (C-R) and Applied Sciences, focussing on the degradation of polychromed metal foils in Van Eyck’s Ghent Altarpiece and other 15th c. paintings. =,-focussing-on-the-degradation-of-polychromed-metal-foils-in-Van-Eyck%E2%80%99s-Ghent-Altarpiece
Closing date: 15 September 2021

[posted 17 June 2021]
University of Oslo
project «Relics of Nature: An Archaeology of Natural Heritage in the High North»
Doctoral Research Fellowship in Archaeology/Critical Heritage studies
Closing date: 1 September 2021

[posted 17 June 2021]
Utrecht University
PhD position “Finding Suitable Grounds: Neolithic use of alluvial surfaces in the Dutch delta”
The selected candidate will investigate landscape suitability for Neolithic clearance and tillage, making use of rich established geological, chronometric and archaeological databases documenting the palaeogeography of and human presence in the Rhine Delta and the Swifterbant/IJsselmeer central lagoon fringe. Focus will be on mapping palaeolandscape zones and characterizing their contemporary suitability for crop cultivation using earth-scientific evidence, notably: micromorphology.
Closing date: 31 August 2021

NEW [posted 22 July 2021]
Newcastle University
NUAcT PhD Studentship in Archaeology – “Resilience in a fragile environment: Oases in the northern Sahara since 500 BC”
The PhD student will investigate the long-term development and sustainability of past water management systems. The student will carry out remote sensing and GIS-based analysis of case studies from North Africa and will contribute to fieldwork in Morocco.
Closing date: 30 August 2021

[posted 11 July 2021]
Ghent University
project “Interconnected texts. A graph-based computational approach to Byzantine paratexts as nodes between textual transmission and cultural and linguistic developments”
PhD Student
The PhD candidate will research new machine learning approaches to link similar verses in order to connect related epigrams in the DBBE database
Closing date: 29 August 2021

[posted 13 July 2021]
University of Bucharest, ICUB
Archaeosciences Division
Project “Multidisciplinary platform for integrative and systematic research of tangible and non-tangible cultural heritage and identities in Romania”
Scientific Research Assistant in Archaeology or ArchaeoSciences
Project “Mapping the Prehistoric Waterscape from Southern Romania (7000-3000 cal. BC). Natural water supply and cultural water demand in the past”
1 PhD Researcher and 1 Master Researcher
Closing date: 19 August 2021

NEW [posted 21 July 2021]
University of Zadar
Croatian Science Foundation’s project „Young Researchers’ Career Development Project – Training of New Doctoral Students“
doctoral researcher in the field of Archaeology
Closing date: 17 August 2021

[posted 16 July 2021]
Sveučilište u Zagrebu
Filozofski fakultet
project „Creation of European Identities – Food Textiles and Metals in the Iron Age Between Alps, Pannonia nad Balkans”
Closing date: 15 August 2021

[posted 12 July 2021]
Lunds universitet
Doctoral student in “Climate extremes during the Bronze Age”
The PhD student will apply a novel combination of dendrochemical methods to tree-ring records from subfossil trees.
Closing date: 15 August 2021

[posted 8 July 2021]
Universität Freiburg
Seminar für Alte Geschichte
Wissenschaftliche*n Mitarbeiter*in
Betreuung einer oder mehrerer historischer Hilfswissenschaften (Numismatik, Epigraphik, Papyrologie) =
Closing date: 15 August 2021

[posted 3 June 2021]
University of Stavanger
Museum of Archaeology
“archaeology and cognition: interdisciplinary approaches to human- animal relations in archaeology”
PhD Fellowship in Archaeology and Cognition
The PhD-project could potentially address issues like seeking novel understandings of domestication events or processes, such as moments in time where the trajectory of human-animal relations entered new configurations, for example pastoralism or transhumance grazing systems, or other processes of domestication, commensalism and co-domestication which forged new ways of living for both humans and animals.
Closing date: 15 August 2021

[posted 3 June 2021]
University of Oslo
Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History
project “ClimateCultures: Socionatural entanglements in Little Ice Age in Norway (1500-1800)”
Doctoral Research Fellowship
to research societal responses in Norway to the Little Ice Age (1500-1800). The work must be based on historical sources and objects from archives, libraries, and museums in the Nordic countries. The project should draw on the approaches of environmental history, historical climatology and material culture studies. Particular attention should be payed to extreme events (such as the 1630s, 1740s or 1770s).
Closing date: 15 August 2021

[posted 10 July 2021]
University of Antwerp
doctoral candidate in the interdisciplinary field of Conservation-Restoration (C-R) and Science
focussing on the reproduction and chemical characterisation of historical lead white, to explore its potential to serve as a technical marker for dating paint layers
Closing date: 9 August 2021

READVERTISED? [posted 19 June 2021]
Universiteit Antwerpen
STIMPRO project: ‘L’Ancienne Belgique. Museums, archaeology, and national heritage in Belgium (1870-1940)”
Doctoraatsbursaal in Erfgoed, Geschiedenis en Archeologie
Op basis van briefwisseling, opgravingsverslagen, schetsen en andere documenten in de archieven van de Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis en daarbuiten verricht je onderzoek naar de ontwikkeling van nationale archeologie binnen de grenzen van België in de late negentiende en vroege twintigste eeuw.,-archeologie-en-geschiedenis
Closing date: 9 August 2021 (originally 7 June 2021?)

[posted 7 July 2021]
Institute of Archaeology (Zagreb)
project “Transforming the Adriatic cosmos: insularity, connectivity and glocalized identities of pre-Roman Dalmatia”
Assistant – Doctoral Candidate
Closing date: 7 August 2021

[posted 9 July 2021]
University of Nottingham
Department of Classics and Archaeology
Project ‘Divine Saving in Greek and Chinese Polytheism’
PhD Scholarship
This PhD project will undertake a specialised study, within the broader field of Greek polytheism, of a particular instance of the neglected phenomenon of ‘special relationships’ between pairs of gods: that of Zeus and Athena.
Closing date: 6 August 2021

[posted 8 July 2021]
University of Exeter
“From ‘Feed the Birds’ to ‘Do Not Feed the Animals'” project
PhD Studentship: “Do Not Feed the Animals? Ordering Animal Feeding from Local to Global”
Closing date: 2 August 2021

[posted 7 July 2021]
University of Basel
Quaternary Geology Research Group
PhD Position – Late Holocene Climate Variability in the Middle East
Closing date: open until filled (review of applications will begin 1 August 2021)

[posted 7 July 2021]
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History
Archaeolinguistic Research Group
PhD Position in Transeurasian Historical Comparative Linguistics
Closing date: open until filled (review of applications will begin 1 August 2021)

[posted 7 July 2021]
Aarhus University
“Establishing a chronology of the first hominin occupation of Central Asia”
PhD fellowship/scholarship
The successful candidate will primarily be responsible for developing a chronology for the last ~2 million years at two key sites in Tajikistan, using paired cosmogenic nuclides with different half-lives.
Closing date: 1 August 2021

[posted 10 June 2021]
NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology
project “ClimateCultures: Socionatural entanglements in Little Ice Age in Norway (1500-1800)”
PhD candidate in palaeoclimatology/ dendroclimatology
The successful candidate will research the climate development in Norway during the Little Ice Age (1500-1800). The work will be based on already published material from multiple proxies as well as on dendroclimatological material gathered during the project. Particular attention should be paid to extreme events (both in the historical and climatic sense).
Closing date: 1 August 2021

[posted 30 June 2021]
Ghent University
‘Dying at the Margins of Athens: Burial Customs, Local Traditions, and Social Realities in the Attic deme of Thorikos (c. 900-300 BC)’
PhD position
preferably a young scholar who is familiar with Greek funerary archaeology
Closing date: 31 July 2021

[posted 10 July 2021]
“Origin of cognitive tools for quantification”
The PhD student in Bordeaux will contribute to this global effort by conducting research on the oldest known quantification systems, dated to the Upper Paleolithic and possibly the Middle Paleolithic. The research will include taphonomic and technological analysis of Paleolithic and ethnographic objects made of bone, ivory, antler and stone, the creation of experimental protocols to guide the interpretation of archaeological finds, the morphometric study of archaeological and experimental mark series according to the principles of Weber-Fechner law, the application of multivariate statistical analyses from data derived from geometric morphometry, and the microscopic analysis of archaeological and experimental objects using optical, confocal and scanning electron microscopes.
Closing date: 30 July 2021

[posted 12 June 2021]
University of Reading
project “From ‘Feed the Birds’, to ‘Do Not Feed the Animals'”
“Isotope signals of domestication and taming in the past”
Closing date: 30 July 2021

NEW [posted 17 July 2021]
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
project “The Coptic Magical Papyri: Vernacular Religion in Roman and Early Islamic Egypt”
Position in the Study of Coptic Magic (doctoral)
in a relevant discipline (Ancient History, Coptic Studies, Papyrology, Egyptology, Early Christian Studies, Islamic Studies etc.)
Closing date: 29 July 2021

[posted 9 July 2021]
PhD thesis offer in numismatics “Alexandrie, « machine à cash » ? : l’économie monétaire fermée de l’Égypte des deux premiers Ptolémées (323-246 av. J.-C.)”
This objectives of the PhD thesis will be to characterize the succession of the different silver coinages of the first two Ptolemies, with particular attention to the transition between the first two Ptolemaic rulers, in order to better understand the historical implication of the coinage in the context of the establishment of the Ptolemaic thalassocracy.
Closing date: 29 July 2021

[posted 15 June 2021]
University of Oslo
“The timing and ecology of the human occupation of Central Asia” (THOCA)
Doctoral Research Fellowship in Archaeology
The PhD project will be positioned within the field of Environmental Archaeology, and will explore connections in the past between humans and their environments in Central Asia. The successful candidate will be responsible for collecting, processing and analyzing soil and sediment samples from archaeological sites in Tajikistan using archaeometric tools such as stable isotope analysis and organic chemistry (e.g., coprostanols, bile acids), and inorganic chemistry (e.g., phosphate analysis).
Closing date: 26 July 2021

[posted 9 July 2021]
Universidade de Aveiro
project Odyssey – Platform for Automated Sensing in Archaeology
research grant
research grant
Closing date: 23 July 2021

[posted 23 June 2021]
University of Copenhagen
Globe Institute
Section for Evolutionary Genomics
project PROSPER
PhD fellowship in palaeoproteomics
to elucidate the genetic relationships between Middle and Late Pleistocene hominins, and their behaviours, via the analysis of ancient proteomes; in biomolecular archaeology or human evolution research, possibly in combination with experience in osteoarchaeology and zooarchaeology.
Closing date: 23 July 2021

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