postgraduate opportunities in archaeology

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PhD opportunities in archaeology

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Closing date (in descending order)

NEXT? [re-posted 2 October 2018]
PaleoWest Foundation
PaleoWest Foundation Graduate Scholarship
Closing date (annual?): 1 October 2019?

[posted 26 April 2019]
University of Basel
“Crossing Boundaries. Understanding Complex Scribal Practices in Ancient Egypt”
PhD candidate position in Egyptology
The advertised PhD dissertation project will be devoted to the understanding of complex scribal practice in Ancient Egypt on the basis of the heterogeneous Ramesside papyri in the Museo Egizio.
Closing date: 9 August 2019

[posted 9 May 2019]
Austrian Academy of Sciences
The Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology (OREA)
“Challenging Time(s): A New Approach to Written Sources for Ancient Egyptian Chronology”
Early Dynastic Period, Old Kingdom (praedoc 1)
First Intermediate Period, Middle Kingdom, Second Intermediate Period (praedoc 2)
New Kingdom (praedoc 3)
Closing date: 31 July 2019

[posted 8 May 2019]
Greek Archaeological Committee UK (GACUK)
Scholarships in Greek Archaeology in the UK for 2019/2020
Closing date: 7 July 2019

[posted 16 April 2019]
University of Leicester
School of Museum Studies, in partnership with the British Museum
“Hidden, Revealed: investigating representation and narratives of disability in the British Museum”
Closing date: 21 June 2019

NEW [posted 19 May 2019]
ITN “SeaChanges: Thresholds in human exploitation of marine vertebrates”
15 fully-funded PhD studentships
University of Groningen
“Exploitation of Atlantic walruses in Greenlandic waters by European whalers, c. AD 1600 to 1900”
“Green sea turtle population dynamics and foraging ecology in the ancient Mediterranean”
This project will combine genetic and stable isotope analyses of ancient green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) bones to assess effects of changes in human exploitation and foraging ecology upon connectivity and effective population size in the eastern Mediterranean c. 2500 BC – AD 500.
“Foraging ecology and catch size in Mediterranean groupers, c. 2500 BC – AD 500”
“Impacts of industrial whaling: scale, ecological and evolutionary legacies”
Closing date: 16 June 2019

[posted 10 April 2019]
University Museum, University of Bergen
Department of Cultural History
1) project “Coastal demography in Stone Age western Norway. A cross-disciplinary approach”
PhD Research Fellowship in Stone Age Archaeology
2) PhD Research Fellowship in Social Anthropology
The PHD project will concern cultural heritage and conflict, focusing on a specific cultural heritage site in Scandinavia, The Middle East, Asia or Oceania.
Closing date: 15 June 2019

[posted 16 April 2019]
University of Warwick
History of Art
PhD Studentship: “The Responses to the Medieval in art, architecture and heritage in the interpretation of heritage in Coventry, c.1900-c.1960”
Closing date: 14 June 2019

[posted 1 April 2019]
LabEx ARCHIMEDE «Archéologie et Histoire de la Méditerranée et de l’Egypte de la Préhistoire au Moyen-Âge»
4 contrats de recherche doctorale
Closing date: 14 June 2019

NEW [posted 19 May 2019]
University of York
network TEMPERA: “Teaching Emerging Methods in Palaeoproteomics for the European Research Area”
Early Stage Research Assistant
with expertise in the field of archaeological science
Closing date: 13 June 2019

NEW [posted 19 May 2019]
ITN “SeaChanges: Thresholds in human exploitation of marine vertebrates”
15 fully-funded PhD studentships
University of York
PhD position under the title “Flatfish and the origins of European Marine fishing” (ESR 4).
PhD position under the title “Tracking the decline of salmon in the North Sea basin” (ESR 5).
Closing date: 13 June 2019

[posted 18 April 2019]
University of Münster
Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics. Dynamics of Tradition and Innovation”
Research Associate
within the research project EXC 2060 A3-3 “Tradition and innovation of Graeco-Phoenician myths and cults in Roman Provincial Coinage” =
primary: [English] = [German]
Closing date: 11 June 2019

[posted 5 May 2019]
Ghent University
Department of History
project “Lobbying in Late Antiquity”
Two PhD positions in Classics/Ancient History
Closing date: 10 June 2019

[posted 11 May 2019]
University of Glasgow
“The Archaeological, Landscape and Historical Context of the Galloway Hoard”
This interdisciplinary project will examine the social, political and economic environment and context of Galloway during the Viking Age (c.800-1100).
Closing date: 7 June 2019

[posted 9 May 2019]
University of Reading
Geography and Environmental Science, SAGES and Chemistry
EPSRC fully funded PhD Studentship “Development of new analytical techniques for fingerprinting organic compounds in Archaeological, Chemical, Environmental and Forensic Sciences”
Closing date: 7 June 2019

[posted 29 April 2019]
University of Kent
AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership PhD studentship with The British Museum: “Exploring Economy, Society and Culture through Glass Bangles: Origins, Circulation and Cultural Impact in the Western Indian Ocean”
This project aims to understand the spread of glass bangle production and circulation in the late and post medieval periods (c.1200-1700).
Closing date: 7 June 2019

NEW [posted 24 May 2019]
Open University
The School of Life, Health and Chemical Sciences (LHCS)
PhD Studentship: “True Colours: The effects of detergent use on the historic interpretation, understanding and conservation of museum textiles”
primary: &
Closing date: 5 June 2019

NEW [posted 19 May 2019]
North of England Consortium for Arts and Humanities
PhD studentship at the University of Bradford
from Archaeology, Archaeological and Forensic Sciences, Heritage and related disciplines.
Closing date: 3 June 2019

EXTENDED [posted 20 April 2019; re-posted 18 May 2019]
American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Hesperia Fellow
to perform editorial work for Hesperia, the renowned scholarly journal of the ASCSA.
Closing date: 3 June 2019 (i.e. extended from 15 May 2019)

[posted 4 May 2019]
Eurac Research Institute for Mummy Studies
PhD candidate in the field of mummy microbiome research
microbial ecologist with expertise in advanced molecular, bioinformatics and microscopic techniques and an interest in applying innovative methods to the field of mummy microbiome research
Closing date: 31 May 2019

[posted 18 April 2019]
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Institute of Archaeology
PhD. study (3 positions)
PhD. topics offered
1. Topic: Enclaves of the Piliny Culture in Košice Basin and Šariš Valley
2. Topic: Militaria and battle tactics during the age of urnfield cultures in the northern part of the Carpathian Basin
3. Topic: Včelince. Tell-type settlement
4. Topic: Spiš Region as the Contact Zone of the Urnfield Cultures during the Late and Final Bronze Age
5. Topic: Environment of Nitra river vallley and Žitava river valley regions and its changes during the Middle Ages based on the archaeobotanical finds
6. Topic: Germanic cemeteries from the Roman Period in Slovakia
7. Topic: Early Medieval burial mounds in the Middle Danube region
8. Topic: Early Medieval Hoard Finds from Slovakia
Closing date: 31 May 2019

[posted 14 January 2019]
Initial Training Network project entitled Cultural Heritage Analysis for New Generations – CHANGE
15 Early Stage Researcher (Early Stage Researcher) [mostly deadline 15 February 2019; see below]
apart from?
Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)
“Enrichment of 3D volumetric objects with Metadata and Semantics in Cultural Heritage”
Closing date: 31 May 2019?

[posted 31 December 2018]
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History
Department of Archaeology
up to five 3-year funded PhD positions
The following fields are eligible: biomolecular archaeology, palaeoproteomics, ZooMS, anthropogenic extinctions, environmental change, archaeobotany, Palaeolithic archaeology, and geoarchaeology.
Closing date: 31 May 2019

[posted 17 April 2019]
Paris Lodron-University of Salzburg
project “Appraising Risks: Patterns of Major Socio-Economic Risk and Risk Projection in the Indian Ocean World”
PhD position in Non-European and Global History
focus Asian Maritime History; in the history of Asia between approximately 6. and 18. CE (preferably Chinese history) with a research focus on cross-cultural and/or knowledge and technology transfer and/or commercial relations across maritime Silk Routes.
Closing date: 29 May 2019

[posted 10 April 2019]
University of Bordeaux
PACEA “De la Préhistoire à l’Actuel: Culture, Environnement et Anthropologie”, UMR5199
Ph.D. Candidate position in Facial Skeleton Variation, Adaptation, and Evolution
Closing date: 29 May 2019

[posted 12 May 2019]
University of Cambridge
Department of Zoology
project ‘Evolutionary basis of human diseases in western Eurasia: Insights from ancient genomics’
Research Assistant: PhD Studentship – Ancient genomics
The RA-PhD Student will work on computational analysis of genomic data from ancient human remains from Eurasia to infer demography and selection processes in human populations and their pathogens over the last 10,000 years.
Closing date: 27 May 2019

[posted 11 May 2019]
University of Groningen
Groningen Institute of Archaeology
research group Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology.
PhD position Archaeology
within the research theme ‘Comparative survey archaeology of the Mediterranean’. This study must be carried out within the framework of the planned extension of the Roman Hinterland Project to South Italy.
Closing date: 26 May 2019

[posted 20 April 2019]
Sheffield Hallam University
Cultural, Communication and Computing Research Institute (C3RI)
AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award Studentship: “Shaping bespoke visiting experiences by interpreting the multiplicity of Hadrian’s Wall”
Closing date: 26 May 2019

[posted 13 April 2019]
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Research Training Group 2304 “Byzantium and the Euro-Mediterranean Cultures of War. Exchange, Differentiation and Reception”
6 positions for doctoral research associates
Participating in this Research Training Group are the disciplines of Ancient History, Ancient Church History/Theology, Byzantine Studies, Medieval History, Eastern European History, Early Modern Church History, Classical Archaeology, Christian Archaeology and Byzantine Art History, Early and Prehistorical Archaeology (with a focus on Medieval Archaeology) and Musicology.
Closing date: 24 May 2019

Archives: [2011-2012]


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