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past conferences on archaeology 2019

15-17 July 2019
University of Oxford
“The Gnostics of the Ancient Near East”

11-12 July 2019
“From the Ruins of Preservation: rethinking heritage through counter-archives”

8-10 July 2019
International Medieval Society, Paris
16th Symposium of the International Medieval Society “Time/ Le temps”

4-8 July 2019
15th Annual Conference of the Fédération Internationale des Associations d’Études Classiques (FIEC)

4-6 July 2019
“Early Iron Age in Central Europe III”

2 July 2019
“Subterranean Archaeology: Collaborations Between Speleologists and Archaeologists”

1-5 July 2019
10th International Association of Landscape Ecology World Congress

1-4 July 2019
26th International Medieval Congress 2019 (special thematic focus ‘Materialities’)

28 June 2019
Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
Lasting Impressions Study Day

27-29 June 2019
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
4th nnual Medieval Culture and War Conference “Transformation, Renovation, Continuity”

27-28 June 2019
Museo de Zamora
“Antigüedades de Oriente Próximo y Egipto en España y Portugal: Viajeros, pioneros y coleccionistas”

26-28 June 2019
Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome
“Diverging Trajectories: Approaches to Italian Urbanism in the Era of the Roman Conquest”

26-28 June 2019
“Exemplum et Spolia: La reutilización arquitectónica en la transformación del paisaje urbano de las ciudades históricas”

25-27 June 2019
Asia Pacific Conference on Human Evolution (APCHE)

20-21 June 2019
“Canons and Repertoires: Constructing the Visual Arts in the Hispanic World”

20-21 June 2019
Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen
“The Small Stuff of the Palmyrenes: The Coins and Tesserae of Palmyra”

19-22 June 2019
APRAB Anniversary International Conference “Bronze 2019: 20 years of research”

17-21 June 2019
Current Research in Egyptology – CRE 2019

17-19 June 2019
Saint Louis University
Seventh Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies

16-19 June 2019
Brown University
Eighth North American Syriac Symposium

15 June 2019
University of Edinburgh
Fifth Annual Conference of the Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society ‘Family matters in literature and historical sources from the Late Antique to the start of the Early Modern period’

14-16 June 2019
Europa conference 2019 (Alison Sheridan) “Neolithic Connections: Britain, The Channel Islands and France”

12-14 June 2019
King’s College London
“Hoarding and deposition in Europe from later prehistory to the medieval period – finds in context”

12 June 2019
Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, University of Reading
“Collectors, Curators and Cataloguers: Hidden Women in Archaeology in the 19th and 20th centuries”

11-15 June 2019
15th Nordic Bronze Age Symposium

7 June 2019
Torino, Museo Nazionale della Montagna-CAI
VII IAPP – INCONTRO ANNUALE DI PREISTORIA E PROTOSTORIA “Preistoria e protostoria in ambiente montano: scoperte e ricerca territoriale, tutela e valorizzazione”

7 June 2019
“Pilgrimage and the Senses”

6-8 June 2019
St Andrews
second St Andrews Institute of Medieval Studies (SAIMS) Graduate Conference

6-8 June 2019
“Dis/embodiment and Im/materiality: Uncovering the Body, Gender and Sexuality in Philosophies of Late Antiquity – In Memoriam Marianne Saghy (1961‒2018)”

6-7 June 2019
Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw

6-7 June 2019
University of Glasgow
Early Textiles Studies Group conference “Fibres in Early Textiles from Prehistory to AD 1600”

4-7 June 2019
XIII Antique Archaeology Doctoral Workshop “RAISING A WALL · Objectives – Implementation – Consequences”

4-5 June 2019
“Polities of Faith: Theology, Ecclesiology, and Spatiality in the Christian World”(Institute of Classical Studies, 2019 Byzantine Colloquium)

3-8 June 2019
18th Conference of the International Workgroup for Palaeoethnobotany

1 June 2019
Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies at the University of Birmingham, UK
20th Postgraduate Colloquium “Celebrations in the eastern Mediterranean: private and public”

31 May-2 June 2019
39th Symposium of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Archaeology and Art 2019

31 May-1 June 2019
Acqui Terme
“I Liguri e Roma. Un popolo tra archeologia e storia”

31 May 2019
6th Annual Birmingham Egyptology Symposium ‘Belief and Identity in the Ancient World’ &

30 May-2 June 2019
AFEAF 2019: “Les espaces fortifiés à l’âge du Fer en Europe”

30 May-1 June 2019
“Funerary Landscapes of the Late Antique oecumene. Contextualizing Epigraphic and Archaeological Evidence of Mortuary Practices”

30 May 2019
French Research Center in Jerusalem
“Jerusalem’s archaeological archives at a glance”

29 May-1 June 2019
22nd annual Iron Age Research Student Symposium (IARSS) &

29 May 2019
University of Nottingham
annual Central Mediterranean Prehistory Workshop;55488e65.1905

27 May 2019
“A Tale of two Sicilies: Current research on Sicilian Early Medieval history”

24-25 May 2019
“Le Vie di Comunicazione nell’Antichità”

22-24 May 2019
“Bronze Age Metallurgy: Production – Consumption – Exchange”

18 May 2019
UCL Institute of Archaeology
South American Archaeology Seminar

17-18 May 2019
UCL Institute of Archaeology
Trial By Fire Conference

17 May 2019
“Imperialism, Colonialism and Postcolonialism in the Byzantine World”

17 May 2019
IberoArch UK conference 2019 “Ibero-British Archaeology Beyond borders”

16-17 May 2019
Izmir Center of the Archaeology of Western Anatolia (EKVAM)
“Terracotta lamps in Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Early Byzantine Anatolia: Production, use, typology and distribution” &

15-17 May 2019
“Weights and Merchants. The Infrastructure/Technology of Early Trade”

13 May 2019
Society of Archaeology Masters Students (SAMS), UCL
7th Annual SAMS Conference “Advancements in Archaeology”

10-12 May 2019
Aguilar de Campoo
IX COLOQUIO ARS MEDIAEVALIS: “Belleza, persuasión y retórica en el arte medieval”

9-12 May 2019
22nd GMPCA conference “Archaeometry in all of its states: interdisciplinary perspectives for a discipline in constant evolution”

9-12 May 2019
Western Michigan University
54th International Congress on Medieval Studies

9-11 May 2019
L MEDITERRANEO E LA STORIA III “Documentando città portuali = Documenting port cities”

9-10 May 2019
Frankfurt am Main
“Value and Equivalence: International Conference on the Genesis and Transformation of Values from an Archaeological and Anthropological Perspective”

9 May 2019
“New Frontiers in Anthropocene Archaeology”

8-10 May 2019
“Sandby borg: New perspectives for Iron Age archaeology in the Baltic region”

6-7 May 2019

6 May 2019
Alpines Museum Bern
“Gletscherarchäologie – eine Folge des Klimawandels und Schlüssel zur Rekonstruktion früherer Lebensweisen”

4 May 2019
Sudan Studies Postgraduate Conference 3: Oxford Edition

3-5 May 2019
Syracuse, NY
TAG-USA 2019: “Slow Archaeology”

3 May 2019
Courtauld Institute of Art London
“Same Old Things? Re-Telling the Italian Renaissance”

2-4 May 2019
“The Thebaid in Times of Crisis: Between Integration and Insurrection”

2-4 May 2019
University of Trento
11th Experimental Archaeology Conference (#EAC11)

2-3 May 2019
“Challenging the Dead: Working out problems in mortuary archaeology”

29-30 April 2019
“Caesar’s Past and Posterity’s Caesar”

27 April 2019
Gold Glass Memorial Day for Daniel T. Howells

25-27 April 2019
CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL “La pintura romana en Hispania”

25-27 April 2019
4th International Students Conference on Archaeology (SABA19)

25-27 April 2019
“The Thrill of the Dark: Heritages of Fear, Fascination and Fantasy”

25-26 April 2019
“La percepción de la alteridad religiosa en la Hispania tardaoantigua”

25-26 April 2019
University in Lodz
“Rome and Iberia. Diversity of Relations from Antiquity to Modernity”

24-26 April 2019
United Kingdom Archaeological Sciences UKAS 2019

24-26 April 2019
“Archaeology: values, benefits, and legacies” (CIfA2019 Annual conference and training event)

23-27 April 2019
CAA 2019 “Check Object Integrity”

18-19 April 2019
The Getty Villa
“Palmyra and the East”

17-18 April 2019
Rencontres MED-GAR “Entre Méditerranée et Moyenne-Garonne, de l’âge du Bronze final aux conquêtes romaines”

17 April 2019
25th Archaeology and Theory symposium “Reconstructions of the Past: How do we make them and do they matter?”

13-16 April 2019
University of Cambridge
Volcanic Impacts on Climate and Society 2019 Meeting “The Common Era and Beyond”

13 April 2019
Brandeis University (Massachusetts), Department of Classical Studies
Graduate Student Conference “Natural Not Yet Understood: The Supernatural from Antiquity to the Medieval Period”

12-13 April 2019
Dumbarton Oaks
Byzantine Studies Symposium “Processions: Urban Ritual in Byzantium and Neighboring Lands”

12-13 April 2019
Netherlands Institute at Athens
“Middle and Late Helladic Laconia: Competing principalities?”

11-14 April 2019
University of Kent, Canterbury
TRAC 2019 &

11-13 April 2019
University of Durham & Newcastle University
Early Medieval Archaeology Student Symposium (EMASS 2019)

11-12 April 2019
“Corps, objets, images en action. La performativité du rituel funéraire dans l’Italie préromaine”

10-14 April 2019
Albuquerque, New Mexico
SAA 84th Annual Meeting

10-12 April 2019
University of Cambridge
“Crossing Boundaries? ​Trade and Connections on the Medieval Mediterranean”

9-13 April 2019
“People Abroad: XVI. International Colloquium on Roman Provinacial Art”

8-10 April 2019
“Space not only for the living: Human remains at Bronze Age settlements in Eurasia”

8-10 April 2019
I Workshop Internacional de Epigrafía Edilicia: “Los muros parlantes. Inscripciones edilicias en la Península Ibérica y el Mediterráneo”

8-10 April 2019
“Sanctuaries and Experience: Knowledge, Practice and Space in the Ancient World”

8-9 April 2019
“Archeologia in Sicilia: progetti di collaborazione internazionale”

6-7 April 2019
IEMA, University at Buffalo
Twelfth IEMA Visiting Scholar Conference “Critical Archaeology in the Digital Age”

5-7 April 2019
Museo delle Civiltà – museo preistorico etnografico “Luigi Pigorini”, Roma
Archeofest 2019 (VI edizione) – Convegno “Metallurgica. Storie di artigiani, metalli e tecniche”

5-6 April 2019
Journées du Groupe des Paléopathologistes de Langue Française (GPLF) 2019

5-6 April 2019
Princeton University
“Eclecticism at the Edges: Medieval Art and Architecture at the Crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic Cultural Spheres (c.1300-c.1550)” &

4-5 April 2019
“Cypriot archaeology, pre-modern material culture, and cultural heritage in the UK”

3-5 April 2019
“«When the clay is under the fingernail»: Modelling in the Ancient Greek World” (Quand on a la terre sous l’ongle: Le modelage dans le monde grec antique)

3-4 April 2019
“Medieval and Early Modern Spaces and Places 2019: Experiencing the Court”

2-4 April 2019
Gijón/Xixón (Asturias)

1-5 April 2019
85. Jahrestagung des West- und Süddeutschen Verbandes für Altertumsforschung (WSVA) gemeinsam mit dem Mittel- und Ostdeutschen Verbandes für Altertumsforschung (24. Jahrestagung des MOVA)

1-2 April 2019
“Antiquarian Science in the Scholarly Society”

31 March-3 April 2019
“Reconstructing the Human Past – Using Ancient and Modern Genomics”

29-31 March 2019
Archaeological Museum in Poznań
“No (e)scape? Society, Environment and Artifacts Entrapped – Relational Ar-chaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age” (International Conference of Master Students and PhD Candidates)

29-30 March 2019
“Crossing the Alps. Early Urbanism between northern Italy and Central Europe (900-400 BC)” &

29-30 March 2019
UCL Institute of Archaeology
CROSSDEM 2019 “Cross Disciplinary Approaches to Prehistoric Demography”

29 March 2019
VI Incontro Annuale di Preistoria e Protostoria “FOCOLARI, FORNI E FORNACI TRA NEOLITICO ED ETÀ DEL FERRO: Comprendere le attività domestiche e artigianali attraverso lo studio delle installazioni pirotecnologiche e dei residui di combustione” &

28-30 March 2019
Museo Arqueológico Municipal „Cayetano de Mergelina“ (MAYE), Yecla
IX Reunión Internacional sobre Escultura Romana en Hispania

28-30 March 2019
“L’écriture entre Mésopotamie, Égypte et Égée aux Troisième et Second millénaires avant notre ère”

27-30 March 2019
Cleveland, Ohio
88th Annual AAPA Meeting (2019)

27-28 March 2019
Nubia Museum, Assuan
“Daily Life in Ancient Egyptian Settlements”

27-28 March 2019
“L’archéologie des conflits contemporains : méthodes, apports et enjeux”

27 March 2019
Santiago de Compostela
“Arqueoloxía en áreas de montaña: últimos desenvolvementos e retos de futuro na Península Ibérica”

27 March 2019
“Postindustrial imaginaries: beyond progress, memory and loss”,-memory-and-loss

22-24 March 2019
University of Glasgow
Post-Medieval Archaeology Congress 2019

22-23 March 2019
“Fierce lions, angry mice and fat-tailed sheep: Animal encounters in the ancient Near East”

21-23 March 2019
“Italy in the 5th Century. Social, Political and Economic Transformations in a Society under Stress, 395-493 CE”

20-21 March 2019
Fourth Early Rice Project Symposium

19-22 March 2019
“Europäische Archäologie am Wendepunkt der Epochen (1918 – Ende der 1920er Jahre): Von der nationalen Idee zur nationalen Wissenschaft”

17-20 March 2019
Mediävistenverband 18. Symposium „Schaffen und Nachahmen. Kreative Prozesse im Mittelalter“

15 March 2019
VII Jornades d’Arqueologia “La arqueología Histórica: Zona de contacto”

14-17 March 2019
Claremont McKenna College, in Claremont
13th Biennial meeting of Shifting Frontiers in Late Antiquity “Communal Responses to Local Disaster: Economic, Environmental, Political, Religious”

14-16 March 2019
“Ästhetik vs. Programmatik? Perspektiven der archäologischen Stilforschung”

14-16 March 2019
University of Cambridge
“Exploring the Social and Cultural Contexts of Historic Writing Systems”

13-16 March 2019
SNELA (Society for Near Eastern Landscape Archaeology) 2019

11-16 March 2019
Kiel University
International Open Workshop: “Socio-Environmental Dynamics over the Last 15,000 Years: The Creation of Landscapes VI”

11-13 March 2019
5th Doctoral Meeting of Ecole Européenne de Bibracte “Transmission à la Protohistoire = Transmission during Protohistory: Transmission d’idées, de modèles et d’objets à travers le temps et l’espace = Conveyance of ideas, patterns and objects through space and time”éenne_de_Protohistoire_de_Bibracte

11-12 March 2019
Graduate Archaeology at Oxford (GAO) Annual International Conference 2019 “Cause, Process and Impact of Interaction in Ancient Cultures”

11 March 2019
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
“Orientalism, the Classics & Egypt III”

8 March 2019
“The History of Mediterranean Archaeology in the Low Countries”

7-9 March 2019
University of Pennsylvania
“The Global Turn in Medieval Studies: the 94th Annual Meeting of The Medieval Academy of America”

6-8 March 2019
III Convegno internazionale “Laterizio” “DEMOLIRE RICICLARE REINVENTARE La lunga vita e l’eredità del laterizio romano nella storia dell’architettura”

2 March 2019
Journée annuelle d’actualités 2019 de l’APRAB

1-2 March 2019
16. Treffen der AG Etrusker-Italiker von DArV “Grenzen als Kontaktzonen und Kommunikationsräume in der etruskisch-italischen Welt”

1 March 2019
Architecture Space and Society Research Centre, Birkbeck (University of London)
“Conquest and Construction: Architecture and Landscapes in the Medieval Mediterranean”

28 February-2 March 2019
Bern & Latenium
“Frontiers or Interaction Zones? Borderlands as areas of communication and mobility”

27 February-1 March 2019
First Workshop on Ancient Rare Diseases (WARD): “Paleopathology of genetic diseases affecting bones. Research and Awareness”

25 February 2019
“Secret Spaces: Medieval Sacristies, Vestries, Treasure Rooms and their Contents”

22-24 February 2019
BANEA Annual Conference 2019 “Mind the Gap”

22-23 February 2019
Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, Brown University, Providence
“State of the Field 2019: The Ancient DNA Revolution in Archaeology”

22-23 February 2019
International Graduate Conference 2019 “Contested Heritage: adaptation, restoration and innovation in the Late Antique and Byzantine world”

22-23 February 2019
University of Pennsylvania
11th CAS Graduate Student Conference “Disabilities in the Ancient World”

22 February 2019
Newcastle University
“Holiness on the Move: Travelling Saints in Byzantium”

20-22 February 2019
Casa de Velázquez (Madrid) – Universidad de Alcalá (Alcalá de Henares)
PhD Workshop “Latin Epigraphy in the Roman World: Researching, Editing and Enhancing the Value of Inscriptions”

18 February 2019
“Conexión entre ciudades? Cultura urbana en las dos orillas del Estrecho (siglos V a.C. – XII d.C.)” &

15-16 February 2019
“Collecting: modus operandi, 1900-1950”

13-16 February 2019
New York
CAA 107th Annual Conference

8 February 2019
The Courtauld Institute of Art
24th Annual Medieval Postgraduate Colloquium “Scaling the Middle Ages: Size and Scale in Medieval Art”

4-6 February 2019
University of Bern
“Digital Archaeology: Quantitative approaches, spatial statistics and socioecological modelling”

2 February 2019
UCL Institute of Archaeology
5th annual Islamic Archaeology Day

31 January-1 February 2019
“Archäologie und Republik – Reflexionen zur Archäologie in Österreich in der ersten und zweiten Republik”

30 January-2 February 2019

30-31 January 2019
Public Archaeology Twitter Conference
#PATC3: Archaeology as Storytelling

30-31 January 2019
“Rituales, costumbres funerarias y prácticas mágicas en Hispania: A propósito del sepulcretum de Llanos del Pretorio”

29-30 January 2019
British School at Rome
“Roman Ports in Time and Space: Reflections upon Issues raised by the PortusLimen Project”

26-27 January 2019
second annual Scottish Student Archaeology Society Conference ‘Scotland’s Diverse Past’

21-23 January 2019
Museum of Archaeology, Stavanger
13th Nordic Conference on the Application of Scientific Methods in Archaeology (SMIA)

18-19 January 2019
“Antike Welten – Moderne Perspektiven”

17-18 January 2019
British School at Rome
“A Community in Transition: Roman History, 200–134 bc”

17-18 January 2019
“MagiCog: Cognitive Approaches to Ancient Magic”

10-13 January 2019
American University in Cairo
Joint Conference on the Bioarchaeology of Ancient Egypt & The International Symposium on Animals in Ancient Egypt (BAE-ISAAE 2019)

10-12 January 2019
“Imperium to Regnum: Italy in Late Antiquity” &

9-12 January 2019
St. Charles, Missouri
2019 Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology “Making the Most of Opportunities: Education, Training, and Experiential Learning”

7-10 January 2019
Durham University
“Gender and Aliens” (2019 Gender and Medieval Studies Conference)

3-6 January 2019
San Diego, California
AIA and SCS Joint Annual Meeting

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