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past conferences on archaeology 2017


24-25 April 2017
Trinity College Dublin

24-25 April 2017
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
“La Ruta de la Seda. A través de los Imperios” &

21-23 April 2017
Yale University
“Medieval Rites: Reading the Writing”

21-22 April 2017
Dumbarton Oaks
2017 Byzantine Symposium: “Rethinking Empire”

21 April 2017
KANTL, Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal en Letterkunde, Gent
“Warfare and Food-Supply in the Late Roman Empire”

20-22 April 2017
TOPOI, Berlin
“Luxury Residences in the Eastern and Western Mediterranean, Hellenistic and Roman Periods”

20-22 April 2017
North-West University (Potchefstroom)
“Conceptualising the Divine: Revelations, Internalisations and Identifications with the Divine in the Greek, Near Eastern and African Worlds”

20-22 April 2017
Leiden University
10th Experimental Archaeology Conference

20-22 April 2017
Santa Vittoria di Serri
1° Congresso Regionale “Notizie & Scavi della Sardegna Nuragica”

20-21 April 2017
Yale University
“Between heaven and earth: Divination, prophecy, and oracles in the ancient world”

20-21 April 2017
University of Reading, Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies
‘Hybrids and Hybridity’

19-23 April 2017
“Mendicant Orders in the Eastern Mediterranean: Art, Architecture and Material Culture (13th-16th c.)”

19-22 April 2017
New Orleans
86th Annual Meeting AAPA (2017)

18-21 April 2017
UMR 6566 CReAAH (Centre de Recherches en Archéologie, Archéosciences, Histoire), Rennes
XXIe colloque d’Archéométrie

18-21 April 2017
Università di Bologna
KAINUA 2017. International Conference on “Knowledge, Analysis and INnovative methods for the study and the dissemination of ancient Urban Areas”

14-16 April 2017
University College Cork
“Borderlines XXI: Authority in the Medieval and Early Modern World”

11-12 April 2017
University of Huddersfield
‘Material Culture of Religious Change and Continuity, 1400-1600’

8-9 April 2017
University at Buffalo
Tenth IEMA Visiting Scholar Conference “Archaeology of Mountain Landscapes: Interdisciplinary Research Strategies of Agro-Pastoralism in Upland Regions”

7-8 April 2017
Penn Museum
“CONSTRUCTING SACRED SPACE: A Career Celebration for Robert Ousterhout”

7 April 2017
Archaeology and Theory Conference: “Power and Authority – an archaeologist’s friend or foe?”

6 April 2017
“Ritualizing Funerary Practices in the Prehistoric Aegean: acts of transforming and viewing the human body”

5-8 April 2017
UCL Institute of Archaeology
UK Archaeological Science (UKAS) 2017

5-8 April 2017
Nicosia, Cyprus
Othello’s Island 2017: the 5th annual international conference on mediaeval and renaissance art, literature, social and cultural history

5-7 April 2017
“Roma & Lazio Medio Repubblicani”

5-6 April 2017
“Les métiers de l’alimentation en Méditerranée occidentale: Pratiques culinaires et traditions alimentaires (Antiquité – Temps Modernes)”

5-6 April 2017
OREA – Institut für Orientalische und Europäische Archäologie der ÖAW, Wien
„‘South wind‘ – Late Bronze Age cultural phenomena and influences from the Adriatic region to the north“ &

3-7 April 2017
Universidad de Valencia
Primer Congreso Internacional de Geografía Histórica y Mítica en la Antigüedad “Geografía y Mito en la Antigüedad clásica” = First International Congress on Historical and Mythical Geography in Antiquity: “Geography and Myth in Classical Antiquity”

3-6 April 2017
University of Southampton
“Objects and Possessions: Material Goods in a Changing World 1200‒1800”

3-5 April 2017
Eisenach (Germany)
“Leaving the (disciplinary) comfort zone – Lived Ancient Religion AD 1 to 800” (Final conference of the ERC Advanced Grant “Lived Ancient Religion”)

3-4 April 2017
University of Glasgow
“Identifying Governmental Forms in Europe, 1100–1350: Palaeography, Diplomatics and History”

3 April 2017
“Arqueología e interdisciplinaridad: una investigación arqueológico-histórica sobre las relaciones interdisciplinares en la Historia de la Arqueología española (siglos XIX y XX)” &

31 March-2 April 2017
Post-Medieval Archaeology Congress 2017

31 March 2017
East of Byzantium Symposium: “Cultural Heritage Across the Christian East”

31 March 2017
Ecole du Louvre, Paris
“Les formes de l’habitat du premier âge du Fer en Europe de l’Ouest”

30 March-1 April 2017
DAI Athen
“Ancient Phokis: New Approaches to its Archaeology, History and Topography”

30-31 March 2017
“New Approaches to Greek Institutional History”

30-31 March 2017
Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology
IMASS workshop “Life-histories of settlements and methodological integration in north European rural settlement archaeology”

29 March-2 April 2017
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
SAA 82nd Annual Meeting

29 March 2017
“Zu den Fundmünzen im westlichen Kleinasien”

29 March 2017
British School at Rome
“The Impact of Greek on the Languages of Ancient Italy”

28 March-1 April 2017
III Congreso internacional  “Wasser – Wege – Wissen auf der iberischen Halbinsel vom Römischen Imperium bis zur muselmanischen Herrschaft”/ “Agua, vías, conocimientos en la Península Ibérica desde el Imperio Romano hasta el poder musulmán” &

28-31 March 2017
University of Durham
TRAC 2017 = 27th Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference

28-29 March 2017
“Researching the Islamic State: New Challenges and Opportunities”

28-29 March 2017
3rd Meeting of African Prehistory

27-28 March 2017
Bibracte (France)
3rd Doctoral Meeting of the European School of Protohistory of Bibracte (France); theme “Interactions and exchanges during the Protohistory”

25-27 March 2017
Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, University of Birmingham
“Global Byzantium: 50th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies”

25 March 2017
Cornell University
“New Perspectives on Roman Material Culture”

24-26 March 2017
The Ohio State University
Ohio State Classics Graduate Student Conference “What Does Evil Look Like? Horror, Macabre, and Ideological Control throughout the Ancient Mediterranean World”

24-26 March 2017
University of Southampton
Skeletons, Stories and Social Bodies Conference (SSSB 2017)

24-25 March 2017
“L’archéologie funéraire en Italie du Sud (Fin VI e – début III e siècles av. J.-C.)”

24 March 2017
University of York
“PalaeoDiet: inferring dietary changes in the human past”

23-24 March 2017
“Préhistoire et Modernité / Prähistorie und Modernität”

23-24 March 2017
1st Gandhara Connections international workshop “Problems of Chronology in Gandharan Art”{893E0FDD-CCD6-408E-9920-EBC22011E5F3}

23-24 March 2017
University of North Texas
2017 AVISTA Medieval Graduate Student Symposium “Ritual, Performance, and the Senses”

23 March 2017
Christie’s Education London
Collections and Collecting Ancient, Byzantine and Medieval Art Conference

21-22 March 2017
Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge
VRBS II: “Understanding Relations Between Scripts II: Early Alphabets”

20-24 March 2017
Graduate School „Human Development in Landscapes“ at Kiel University
International Open Workshop: “Socio-Environmental Dynamics over the Last 12,000 Years: The Creation of Landscapes V”

20-22 March 2017
V Congreso Internacional de Historia de la Arqueología & IV Jornadas de Historiografía SEHA-MAN “ARQUEOLOGÍA DE LOS MUSEOS: 150 AÑOS DE LA CREACIÓN DEL MUSEO ARQUEOLÓGICO NACIONAL”

19-22 March 2017
Mediävistenverband 17. Symposium „Geheimnis und Verborgenes im Mittelalter“

17-18 March 2017
“Landscapes of Survival: International Conference on The Archaeology and Epigraphy of Jordan’s North-Eastern Desert”

16-17 March 2017
“The Archaeology of Forced Movement. Conflict-Induced Migration and Refugees in the Mediterranean at the end of the 13th c. BC”

15-16 March 2017
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras (UAM), Madrid
IV Seminario de Estudios del Occidente Antiguo “Veinticinco estampas de la España antigua: cincuenta años después (1967-2017): revisión historiográfica y actualización científica”

15 March 2017
1ère journée d’études “Apports historiques de l’archéologie subaquatique”

15 March 2017
“Medieval Intersectionality” Workshop

14-16 March 2017
Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, USA
45th CAA conference 2017 Computer Applications and Quantitive Methods in Archaeology (CAA) conference

10-11 March 2017
Graduate Archaeology at Oxford conference “Influence of Movement and Conflict on the Past”

8-10 March 2017
“The Competition of Fibres. Textile Production in Western Asia and Europe (5000-2000 BC)”

6-10 March 2017
Cappadocia / Turkey
2nd International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Cavities (HYPOGEA 2017)

3-4 March 2017
Musée d’Archéologie Nationale à Saint-Germain-en-Laye
APRAB Study day “Shall we dine? Food and Diet during the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age”
Journée annuelle d’actualités de l’APRAB (Association pour la Promotion des Recherches sur l’Âge du Bronze) 2017

3 March 2017
“At Close Quarters: Experiencing the Domestic, 1400-1600”

2-3 March 2017

2-3 March 2017
Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen, Denmark
“The Archaeology and History of Jerash: 110 Years of Excavations”

1-3 March 2017
“Understanding Individuality and Depicting Individuals in Ninth Century Byzantium”

1-3 March 2017
Bar-Ilan University (Ramat-Gan) & Israel Institute of Advanced Studies (Jerusalem)
“New Perspectives on Aramean and Israelite Epigraphy, Inscriptions and Related Issues” (Joint Annual Conference of the Minerva Center for the Relations between Israel and Aram in Biblical Times and the Jeselsohn Epigraphic Center for Jewish History)

1 March 2017
Copenhagen, The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
“Regional Networks! Technological Transfers? Production and Consumption Patterns in Roman Pottery of the Decapolis”

25 February 2017
University of Tennessee
Sixth Annual Undergraduate Classics Conference

24-26 February 2017
Monash University, Melbourne
19th Conference of the Australian Association for Byzantine Studies “Dreams, Memory and Imagination in Byzantium”

24-25 February 2017
Netherlands Institute at Athens
early career scholar conference “Fields, Sherds and Scholars, recording and interpreting survey ceramics”

24-25 February 2017
University of Oxford
Oxford University Byzantine Society’s 19th International Graduate Conference “Trasmitting and Circulating the Late Antique and Byzantine Worlds”

24-25 February 2017
Penn Museum, Philadelphia
CAS Graduate Student Conference: “Alcohol in the Ancient World”

24-25 February 2017
University of Birmingham
“Reconsidering the Concept of Decline and the Arts of the Palaiologan Era”

17-19 February 2017
Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI) & Cyprus Institute
“Environment, Landscape and Society: Diachronic Perspectives on Settlement Patterns in Cyprus”

17-18 February 2017
Institut für Vor- und Frühgeschichtliche Archäologie, Universität Hamburg
“Migration and Mobility in the Neolithic: Interdisciplinary Dialogues”

17-18 February 2017
Museo Arqueológico Nacional de España, Madrid
Workshop on textile production in Iberia “The fabric of society: textile production, rituality and trade in the Late Bronze – Early Iron Age Iberian Peninsula” & & &

16-18 February 2017
Frankfurt am Main
“Zwischen Pragmatismus und Inszenierung? Zur sekundären Nutzung von Objekten, Orten, Räumen und Landschaften in prähistorischen und antiken Gesellschaften”

16-17 February 2017
University College London
“The Origins of the Islamic State: Sovereignty and Power in the Middle Ages”

15 February 2017
“Jeux et divination”[tt_news]=5300&cHash=dbb625b5366c035716639f7c34412268

9-11 February 2017
Center for Advanced Studies (CAS), LMU Munich
“Connecting Materialities / Material Connectivities” &

9-10 February 2017
“Late Bronze Age mortuary practices and society in the Carpathian Basin”

8 February 2017
Institut Català d’Arqueologia Clàssica, Tarragona
“La recerca arqueològica al port romà de Tarraco”

7-8 February 2017
Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología en Roma

6 February 2017
Aarhus University
“Representations of Women and Children in Roman period Palmyra – PART 2”

4 February 2017
Courtauld Institute of Art
22nd Annual Medieval Postgraduate Student Colloquium: “Medieval Collaborations”

3-4 February 2017
Cambridge, MA
“Critical Perspectives on the Practice of Digital Archaeology”

28-29 January 2017
AG Etrusker und Italiker 13. Treffen “Siedlungs- und Stadtgenesen im vorkaiserzeitlichen Italien”

28 January 2017
UCL Institute of Archaeology
3rd Islamic Archaeology Day

27 January 2017
II IAPP – INCONTRO ANNUALE DI PREISTORIA E PROTOSTORIA “Le età del Bronzo e del Ferro in Italia: contesti protostorici in scavi urbani” &

26-27 January 2017
“Winckelmann, Firenze e gli Etruschi”

26-27 January 2017
British School at Rome
“Portuslimen: Rome’s Mediterranean Ports Project”

26-27 January 2017
Final “Finding the limits of the Limes” project conference; focus on four major topics: subsistence economy, demography, transport and mobility, and socio-economic networks in the Roman period.

25 January 2017
Wolfson College, University of Oxford
“Interacting beyond the Mediterranean” & &

19-21 January 2017
“The Orientalizing cultures in the Mediterranean, 8th-6th cent. BC: Origins, cultural contacts and local developments. The case of Italy” =

19-20 January 2017
University of St Andrews School of Art History in collaboration with the St Andrews Institute of Medieval Studies (SAIMS)
“Encountering the Material Medieval”

18-20 January 2017
Aarhus University
“Network Evolutions”

17 January 2017
British School at Rome
“Il Comizio dei Re”

13-15 January 2017
Nicosia, Cyprus
1st Annual Conference of Byzantine and Medieval Studies (CBMS)

13 January 2017
4th Workshop of Biological Anthropologists

12-14 January 2017
“Islamische Kunstgeschichte und Archäologie in Krise? Herausforderungen und neue Perspektiven”

11-13 January 2017
Illuminare – Centre for the Study of Medieval Art (University of Leuven), Belgium
“Imaging Utopia – New Perspectives on Northern Renaissance Art”

5-8 January 2017
118th AIA Annual Meeting

4-8 January 2017
Fort Worth, Texas
SHA 2017 “Advancing Frontiers: Where the Next 50 Years of SHA Begins”

4-6 January 2017
University of Glasgow & University of Edinburgh
Annual Conference of the British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology (BANEA) “Grand Challenges and Blue Skies in the Study of the Ancient Near East”


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